Ready to finally get a passive income revenue stream going in your business with digital products?

evergreen sales funnel accelerator

sound like something you need? Then read on!

You can absolutely create an evergreen sales funnel and digital product empire. It all starts with one converting funnel.

It’s tough to know what to do when it comes to creating passive income and setting up an evergreen sales funnel. There are so many moving parts, and it can be hard to know which ones you should focus on first.

You want to create passive income that brings in money while you sleep, but that's starting to feel impossible.


good news:

After the 10 week program, you will have a lead magnet your audience wants, new digital products created and a converting sales funnel set up.



Evergreen sales funnel accelerator

That's Right!

... in just 10 weeks.

Evergreen sales funnel accelerator

What's Included

Upsells, Bump Offers, Downsells, and Tripwires

Creating Your Offer Sales Page

Creating Your Lead Magnet Opt-in

Creating Your Perfect Lead Magnet

Your Messaging and Key Decisions

Your Offers and Value Ladder

A step-by-step funnel guide

week one

week two

week five

week six

week three

week four

Sales Funnel Audits and Feedback

Analyzing Your Funnel Results and true data

Email Sequences and Pre-Selling

week seven

week eight

Filling Up Your Funnel With Leads

week nine

week ten

Inside the private community you can get more help, feedback, and audits. We're in this together, week by week, step by step!

private community

At the end of the program, you'll be able to submit for a full sales funnel audit PLUS I'll also be sharing your funnel with my entire email list.

sales funnel audit

We will meet every week on Mondays at 12pm EST. At the end of each session we'll have Q&A's and provide you with action steps for the week.

10 Weekly Live Sessions

launch your sales funnel

A cashflow friendly payment plan if you want to join us with split payments


three monthly payments of


Save $ when you pay in full plus a Voxer brainstorming session with me!


One-time payment of

best value

so, are you ready to stop dreaming and start doing? 

The program officially starts June 12th and the first call is on Wednesday, June 14th at 2pm EST. Weekly calls will be either 2pm EST or 7pm EST.

1 hour calls and 1-2 hours of implementation per week.

That’s only 2-3 hours per week, for 10 weeks, to get a fully created, designed and converting evergreen sales funnel.

If your funnel isn’t converting as well as you’d like, absolutely! You can work along with us and focus on polishing up your funnel.

Nope! We will be covering everything and create your digital product and funnel from scratch. If you do already have an evergreen funnel that isn’t converting all of the training and action steps will help you polish it up, too.

This is a live and very interactive program so I do recommend trying to make as many calls as possible, or at least watching the replay the following week. We want you to be successful but this program does require some action each week on your part.

Totally fine! I’ll be building a new evergreen sales funnel right along with you so you’ll be able to see all of the steps involved in real-time. I’m also super tech savvy so I’m happy to help with any additional questions!

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frequently asked Questions

answers for you

I know sales funnels can be confusing and overwhelming which is exactly why I created the live version of the Evergreen Sales Funnel Accelerator... so we could work together, step by step, and break it down into easy bite sized pieces each week.

you can absolutely build an evergreen sales funnel that grows your audience, makes more sales, and runs like a smooth operating machine.

As an introvert, I'm a little bit obsessed with evergreen sales funnels. I'm also a huge fan of automations, workflows, and things that run in the background 🤣

I've seen first hand the beauty of passive income through digital products and evergreen sales funnels.

Hey there, I'm Tara!

let's get aquainted

Melissa Reilly, Psy.D.

Not only did I learn lots in the Evergreen Sales Funnel Accelerator I had assistance creating a brand new sales funnel. Despite it being a group program there was a high level of individual support, feedback and guidance. Tara was extremely accessible and always answered questions quickly. I love her ideas and she is very generous with her knowledge as well as her resources. I can’t recommend this program enough!  

Michelle Pontvert

While funnels can seem overwhelming, Tara's step-by-step process and amazing support made the process of refining not just my sales funnel but my offer stack so easy! And her feedback as I went was invaluable - well worth the cost of the program alone! Tara is so genuine and generous with her knowledge and advice and I always felt so encouraged as I took every step along the way.


The Evergreen Sales Funnel Accelerator was one of the best investments I've made for my business. The Evergreen Sales Funnel Accelerator was so incredibly helpful. I didn't have the overwhelm of thinking of all the things that had to be done before I even started. Tara makes it so easy to understand as she walks you through it all one step at a time. 

Adeyinka Obisanya

After 10 weeks, I feel more confident about my sales funnel. I've created a smooth value ladder. Tara gave so many suggestions for tripwires and one-time offers. I've mapped out my emails, and can't wait to test them. I genuinely enjoyed my 10 weeks with Tara, and am looking forward to learning more about her SEO course. Thank you so much, Tara!! I'll circle back with stats after my funnel has launched.

You are super busy and can't make the time weekly to spend on the action steps. You can go back through it on your own later, but the magic is when we work together step by step

Don't want to create additional revenue streams and are happy focusing just on services or client work

Have zero desire to build a digital product empire and prefer to work with clients on a 1:1 basis and can't see that changing any time soon

this is not for you if...

Ready to commit to a live program and have the time to spend each week dedicated to taking action... no action = no results.

Interested in creating digital products and a value ladder of offers that work seamlessly together within your evergreen sales funnel 

Dreaming of diversifying your income with an additional revenue stream, like digital products, courses, or a membership

this is for you if you are... 

Ready to join the live program and finally have some passive revenue coming in?