As a virtual assistant or even as a business owner in general, dealing with client questions are part of the day to day role. However, the way you handle difficult client questions is what separates you from others. There are many ways that these questions can be handled, but there is a formula that makes […]

Dealing with Difficult Client Questions

Virtual Assistant Tips

I love reading and expanding my knowledge as an entrepreneur. There are so many amazing books out there that focus on entrepreneurship and starting your own business, and while I love motivational stories, I love real and authentic stories. No fluff. I’ve rounded up a list of the best books for female entrepreneurs that you […]

The Best Books Female Entrepreneurs Need to Read in 2020

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Have you always wondered how the websites get on the first page of Google search? How do they do it? How could YOU do it for your blog? It’s actually quite simple: SEO blog writing and optimizing your website. Let me tell you, anyone can do it if you really dive into it and play […]

SEO Blog Writing is Important and Here’s Why!

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Well, here we are – firmly into 2020 – the new decade, new year – and resolutions are always top of mind. The clear mindset of a New Year has never been more strong. When you look at your pocketbook, realizing that you might have overspent at Christmas time on not only gifts but the […]

The Best Small Business Budgeting Tips to Save You More Money

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You’ve seen those YouTube ads right? You know, the ones that always reference how amazing affiliate marketing is for people who need an extra source of income or want a side hustle on the side of their business. It has increased in popularity over the years. Mostly with millennials and gen z raving over the […]

Everything You Need to Know About Affiliate Marketing

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Working with wedding photographers as a virtual assistant is one of my absolutely favorite niches to work in. First of all, the wedding images? Can we say dreamy! I’ve always loved weddings, and through my business and learning photography a bit for product photos, I gained a respect for photographers and how creative they are. […]

How Wedding Photographers Can Work With a Virtual Assistant

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Welcome to my freelance and blogging income report for January 2020. Previous Income Reports: December 2019 – $10,363.90 Revenue November 2019 – $9,619.30 Revenue October 2019 – $9,584.39 Revenue September 2019 – $6,300.75 Revenue August 2019 – $5,397.25 Revenue I thought a lot about whether or not I wanted to publish a monthly freelance and […]

January 2020 – Freelance and Blogging Income Report

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As a freelancer, virtual assistant, or another service-based provider, sending out cold pitch emails can be one of the best methods for finding new clients. And not only that but clients that YOU have picked because you want to work with them. This post will touch on some tips and ideas for sending these emails […]

5 Cold Pitch Email Mistakes You Might Be Making

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What is the most effective way of driving traffic to your website? Do you use free sources for boosting your traffic or you set up the budget to use the paid ones! There are many different ways of how to expose your content to a wider audience and it’s only up to you which one […]

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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Do you know how entrepreneurs and small businesses are increasing their brand presence and building a loyal following? It’s because they have a freebie/lead magnet — they’re basically the same thing. Depending on your industry you might even call it a case study. Lead magnets are used to expand your business and build your inbound […]

How to Create The Perfect Lead Magnet

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