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Are you ready to build your community, get more engagement, and get clients from Instagram?

The Instagram Marketing Course
Designed for Introverted Entrepreneurs

But here’s the good news: you can love Instagram, it can be fun and it can get you results. You just need a more introvert-friendly strategy!

But, as an introvert, you might feel like a fish out of the water while scrolling on Instagram.

Instagram can be an incredible marketing platform for building a community of raving fans and finding clients.

You don't post consistently and when you do you hear crickets

You're tired of hearing 'you need to get on video'

You have zero strategy when it comes to Instagram and feel overwhelmed with the entire platform

Does any of this sound familiar?

let me ask you a question...

You know your ideal audience and dream clients are on Instagram but you can't figure out how to actually connect with them

It’s more love than hate these days, though. No more trying to force myself to get on reels, or engaging until all of my energy is drained for the day. You can absolutely love Instagram again, too!


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You can work your way through this mini-course of 9 introvert-friendly lessons in an afternoon!

for Introverts


+ Have an aligned marketing strategy for Instagram that focuses on your strengths as an introvert

+ Know how to create content that gets results and your audience wants

+ Feel a lot less stressed out or overwhelmed when logging into the app

+ Get clients coming to you from your client attraction content

After this course you will be able to:


"With so many extroverted entrepreneurs out there, Tara offers new and different ways to approach my business as an introvert."

sandra stanisa

"Just after a few days, I knew this was one of the best decisions on my business journey. I feel like the content is perfectly tailored for my needs."

cassandra comeau

"I discovered Tara and the Introvert Coach page a couple of years ago, when I was transitioning to a virtual career. I would definitely recommend anyone who is introverted in spirit to join up if they have entrepreneurship plans."

Lesson 1 - Instagram 101

Lesson 2 - Profile Audit

Lesson 3 - Content Planning 101

Lesson 4 - Content Repurposing

Lesson 5 - Instagram Captions

Lesson 6 - Hashtag Research

Lesson 7 - Instagram Stories

Lesson 8 - Faceless Reels

Lesson 9 - Instagram Engagement

BONUS: Step-by-Step Course Workbook

BONUS: A collection of my best Canva templates for Instagram and creating content

a rundown of what's inside:

Here's What's Inside:

I’ve been a multi-passionate online entrepreneur since 2007 and love (almost) all things marketing. As an introvert, I found social media dang hard most days. But then I figured out why…

I was focusing on the wrong things. I wasn’t using my strengths and I was trying to force myself to show up in ways that didn’t feel authentic.

I’m here to help you LOVE Instagram again – without stress, burnout, and pretending to be someone you aren’t.

I'm Tara!
AKA The Introvert Coach

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This is course for anyone who struggles with Instagram but knows that they need to be on there in order to connect with their ideal clients. Whether you are a coach, service provider, or freelancer – this course is designed for you!

Honestly everything. This course focuses more on creating content and attracting people to you vs outbound or outreach methods on Instagram. It’s all focused on being introvert-friendly because we all know how much Instagram advice out there isn’t at all introvert-friendly (reels and live videos, I’m looking at you!)

Yes! Absolutely, I plan on adding several things to this course over time that you’ll get access to and anytime there are new features or big algorithm changes, there will be updates made, too.

You’ll have lifetime access to the course content and bonus materials.

This is a self-study course that you go through at your own pace so there are no additional live components or 1:1 support. You can join my Introvertpreneur Club membership if you’re looking for more personalized support and community, though.

The entire course content is available for instant download after purchase, so I can’t offer any refunds. But, if you’re not satisfied for any reason, please reach out to the team within 14 days of purchase at, and we’ll make it right.

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