Calling all introverted entrepreneurs who want to learn how to market their business without having to show up all of the time and feel exhausted.

the on-going program for introverted Entrepreneurs

You want a business that feels good, sustainable, and enjoyable.

Join a community of like-minded introverts who are building a business their own way (not dancing on reels).

Truth is, you don’t have to keep pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion or doing anything you don’t want to do to be successful.

You’ve taken the advice ‘push yourself outside of your comfort zone’ too far and now you’re starting to dislike your business.

You tried showing up on live video and wonder why your audience isn’t connecting with you.

You’ve tried every solution out there, and you still feel like…

hey fellow introvert!

You’ve had to pivot so many times because something just isn’t working or feeling aligned.

The reality is, for introverted entrepreneurs, there are better ways to grow, market, and scale your business.

You don’t have to spend your time doing all of the things extroverts tell you to do. Because in reality? It works for them because those methods tap into their strengths. Introverts have different strengths; let’s tap into those!

You just need someone to show you how to focus on your strengths and the strategy behind the less ‘in your face’ marketing methods.

You can build a more sustainable and enjoyable business that lights you up.

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Tara, and I’m a Business and Marketing Coach who knows how essential marketing in an authentic way is to online service providers like you. 

And here’s how I know marketing without the stress is possible for you: I’ve been there, done that.

I’ve been an online entrepreneur since 2007, and sometimes it feels like I’ve done it all. I forced myself to be more social on social media, do live videos, and push myself constantly. I wanted to crawl back into my introvert-friendly 9-5 day job that I desperately wanted to get away from. Why? Well, why not? If I was going to be stressed out anyway, I might as well head back to a desk job.

The beauty of entrepreneurship is that there are so many ways to build a business that feels good and authentic to you. That’s what I want to help you with.

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The program where introverted female entrepreneurs lean into their strengths and stop trying to be someone that they’re not.

The Introvertpreneur Club


You’ve been told A LOT of junk over the years. These create limiting beliefs that can affect your entrepreneurial journey. As introverts, we tend to have more mindset blockages than usual, so this module will clean. those. up. *Bye-bye* self-sabotage, take imposter syndrome with you as you walk out the door.


What are you offering? This module contains 3 videos and a workbook to help you find clarity on what it is you’re giving your audience. We’ll push you to charge your worth and only offer what you feel aligns with your personal mission.

pricing + services

Every successful business starts with a solid foundation. If you’re hesitant to launch your offering or feel your finger hovering over that “post” button when making an announcement, we’ll address all those concerns. You’ll feel confident and ready to go afterward.

business 101

Here's what you'll learn:

One of the pillars for clarity and confidence is to have your business managed in a way that makes sense for you. Productivity and project management is an introvert’s BFF.


Us introverts have a love-hate relationship with this word, so I put a little extra love into this module. You’ll learn the 4 marketing methods that were made for introverts and apply them to your own business. If that sounds like a lot, don’t worry, you’ll only pick 2.


With tons of templates, scripts, workbooks, and videos, you’ll learn how to craft an incredible client experience. And yes, we’ll also be talking about how to find clients without going live daily (yikes!) or creating a video-heavy online presence (eek!).

client management

The basis for bringing clients to you organically is SEO (search engine optimization) which is like a dream for introverts. Let’s get your website optimized and new clients finding you.

websites + seo

Want to start making money with additional (and more passive) revenue streams? That sounds pretty good for us introverts, and don’t worry, we’ve got you covered inside the Club!

digital products

valued at $250 per year

Our private community is filled with creative entrepreneurs and is the best place to network, ask questions, and get help brainstorming ideas.

Private Community Just for The Introvertpreneur Club

valued at $500 per month

Twice per month, you have access to Tara through Voxer for 1:1 questions, support, guidance, and feedback.

Voxer Office Hours

valued at $2,000 per year

Every month we host a live group coaching call just for Club students. You can share what you’re working on, ask questions, get feedback, support, and advice.

Monthly Group Coaching Calls


valued at $37/year


You get FREE access to any new paid live trainings I do. These are normally held once per month. And as a bonus: you get the replay and access to any courses I create from the training, too.

valued at $47/month

Live Trainings


Gain exclusive access to these bonuses

Wait, that's not all!

Summit Pass

When we host the annual virtual event in April, you’ll also get a free All-Access Pass to the Introvertpreneur Virtual Summit.

valued at thousands

Coaching Discount

You also get a super exclusive discount on my 1:1 services, including my coaching packages and my VIP Days.

oh wait, there's more!

You Also Get Access to An Ever Growing Resource Library + Collection of PLR Resources

The PLR content allows you full master resale rights, which basically means you can:

Use them for lead magnets and grow your business

Use them for client work

Sell them as digital products in your business for passive income!

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Per Month for 11 Months


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Save $200 by paying in full now


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big fun

so, are you ready to stop dreaming and start doing? 

Sounds amazing, right?

Join a judgment-free zone where you can easily explore and shift your mindset regarding your business

Marie Kondo your business strategy and make sure you’re intentional as opposed to spreading yourself too thin

Choose marketing methods that align with who you are so that you can show up authentically each day

When you join The Introvertpreneur Club, you will…

"With so many extroverted entrepreneurs out there, Tara offers new and different ways to approach my business as an introvert."

- Kerri J.

"I went “all-in” and purchased the yearly membership. Guess what? Just after a few days, I knew this was one of the best decisions on my business journey."

- Sandra S.

"Tara is awesome! She gives detailed and valuable information that has helped me move forward in my marketing. I highly recommend the membership."

- Crystal C.

Lifetime access. As long as the program is still happening, you'll continue to receive the support, new trainings, and new resources as outlined. If the program is ever ended, you will retain lifetime access to all content and materials.

how long do i have access?


Yes! You’ll be able to rewatch past coaching calls, and access all training and information from past monthly topics.

do i get access to past calls and trainings?


Due to the digital nature of the membership content, and that you get immediate access to EVERYTHING, we are typically unable to offer refunds.

If you feel like it's not a fit for you, please email us within 14 days of signing up!

can i get a refund if i decide it's not for me?


We have a private community where you can always get support and ask questions. We also have a monthly coaching call with Tara, and 2 days of Voxer Office Hours per month, where you can ask any questions you’d like.

do i get 1:1 support?


Accessibility is one of my top brand values. Yeah, some people will think it's bad to offer forever access and support for $2,000 but I'm focused on building a community.

why doesn't this cost like 5 figures?


You are in the right place if:

You are a service provider (virtual assistant, coach, copywriter, designer, social media manager, coach, etc.) Basically anyone who offers services or digital products to clients.

who is this for?


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