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Everything you need to make launching stress-free and fun!

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It’s time to make your launch happen! Nobody can buy unless you launch the dang thing. And that’s where Launch It Like It’s Hot comes in to save the day. This is the complete set of launch templates and resources to help you launch, market, and sell your online course, membership, group coaching program, or digital product.

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Imagine loving launches again! Most of us have so many new offers and ideas floating around in our head but the thing that holds us back the most is the thought of launching every new offer, program, course, or product.

The secret is to use the right resources!

You can absolutely make your launch more fun, authentic, and easier... just by using the right resources & templates.

Launch planning and promoting a new offer can be exhausting. There are so many moving pieces to a launch or sales funnel.

and here's the good news:
Launch it like it's hot is the ultimate launch planning resource kit.

Tired of not launching or launching to crickets?

Your launch can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. It doesn’t matter what you are launching or if it’s a live launch or evergreen - this system has you covered and gives you absolutely everything you need to make your next launch easier.

launching doesn't have to feel scary, overwhelming, or stressful. you will have confidence once you have the right assets to use!

Right now you're feeling...

Burned out because your past launches have been stressful and likely didn't convert as well as you'd have hoped they would. You want a simple way to launch more new products and offers!

Completely confused about the entire launch process and marketing strategy makes your head hurt. You need done for you resources to make the entire process a lot easier.

Frustrated because you have so many ideas and offers to create, but zero time to actually launch them to your audience! I completely get it, the amount of moving pieces can feel like a jigsaw puzzle!

What if I told you there was another way?

launching a new course, digital product, membership, or group program, doesn't need to be overly complicated.

let me guess

Launch It Like It's Hot

A comprehensive launch resource library so you can quickly get your new ideas and offers out of your head and into the hands of the people who need it.


with launch it like it's hot you'll be able to:

Launch your new offer or product FAST without the stress of creating marketing and promo materials.

Create new evergreen offers and sales funnels that convert and build more sustainable business growth.

Feel confident that your next launch will be much more successful because nothing will be missed or forgotten.

Want to See Everything Inside?

launch mode

launch planning and strategy

Feel like you are all over the place with your launches or do things fall through the cracks? Our resources help you create a comprehensive launch plan (30 days, 60 days, or 90 days), plan your overall marketing strategy, sales funnel, and audit your launch metrics easily.


landing pages and copy templates

You get access to complete sales funnel design templates for Showit and WordPress, as well as copy templates for all of your needed sales pages and opt-in pages. With the templates and swipe copy, you'll have all of your offer and sales pages finished so darn fast!

pre-launch mode

canva templates galore

A Canva template suite designed to promote and market every single offer you might want to create. With a selection of pre-launch templates for social media you'll have your audience excited to buy before your new offer or product is even available for purchase!

email copy

email marketing swipe copy

We've put together some of the best sales promo and nurture sequence to help you sell any offer you're creating. The money is in your email list! Included are webinar delivery emails, lead magnet delivery emails, and promo sequence emails for any time of offer.

launch planning made easy

Access to everything inside the launch library


One-time payment of

Are You Ready to Get Access to All of the Launch Resources You'll Ever Need?

WordPress and Showit Templates for your sales pages and entire funnels (value $1,000)

Page copy templates designed to convert and drive your sales and funnel leads ($500 value)

Email swipe copy and Canva templates to help you promote and market any type of offer (value: $1,000)

Lifetime access and updates to the libray

Ability to request new resources

Launch It

so, who exactly is this for?

This is designed for you if:

You want to launch new offers like a course, digital products, memberships, or group programs

You want to have templates that you can customize and make your own for your launches

You want a repeatable launch system with assets that can be reused over and over again to save time

You are a course creator, coach, or service provider launching (or re-launching) 1:many offers

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I've launched new offers and products a lot... honestly, i don't know the exact number but i currently have 45+ offers and digital products available for sale.

I'm excited to help you launch your next big idea!

I love launching (mostly evergreen) now but before I felt like launches were a huge overwhelming scary project. It wasn't until I launched more and more that I discovered the power of a good, fun launch is having ready to go assets. Don't stress over launching your offer anymore!

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"Tara is so genuine and generous with her knowledge and advice."

Michelle Pontvert

website designer

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"I feel more confident about my sales funnel. I've created a smooth value ladder. I've mapped out my emails, and can't wait to test them."

Adeyinka Obisanya

brand & website designer

"She is a valuable resource for both new and seasoned business owners. Tara is the real deal, a service provider that delivers what she promises."

Sandra Daniele

life coach

Q: Who exactly is this for?

Launch It Like It’s Hot is for anyone who wants to launch new digital products, courses, group programs, memberships, and sales funnels. If you’re tired of having overwhelming launches or you’ve been putting off launching something new… this is for you!

Q: What exactly will I receive when I sign up?

Here’s a complete look at the resource guide of everything included. We’ve broken it down to make it easy to find what you need to launch each type of product or lead magnet. (note: the links won’t work unless you’re enrolled!)

Q: Why is the price so low?

Over the last 6 months while I’ve been working on this offer and everything in it… the initial price was going to $497. That is likely what Launch It Like It’s Hot will end up at in terms of price point as more and more resources are added. I decided to settle on a regular price of $197 for now because I want to deliver the value and I want to help you launch your next big thing! So many people hold back their ideas because they don’t have everything they need to launch, which is exactly what LILIH will help you with.

Q: Will more resources be added in the future?

Absolutely! I have a huge brain dump of new resources I plan to create. And I’m always happy to take suggestions or special requests.

Have another question?

Email me and the team at with any other questions and we're happy to help!

Make your next launch a lot easier on yourself & your team!

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