Whether you are launching a course, program, digital product, webinar, challenge, or anything… the Launch Strategy Planner and Calendar is what you need to go from overwhelmed to strategic launch.

Launches don't have to feel exhausting, stressful, or all over the place.

New to launching? This lesson was pulled from the Launching module of my Start, Thrive, Scale program and will help you navigate the key decisions around your upcoming launch.

Launching 101 Video

Once you have everything outlined on the spreadsheet planner, take our ClickUp or AirTable template and add dates to every single task so you keep yourself accountable.

Don't use ClickUp or AirTable? You can recreate the tasks in your project management system or just use the original spreadsheet.

ClickUp + AirTable Template

This plug-and-play spreadsheet will give you an entire launch plan, including due dates, who you might need to hire, and what needs to be done in order. No more messy launches! Just add your launch date and how many days your cart is open – the rest is automatic!

Full Launch Strategy Planner

Here's what is inside:

ready to love launching?


Ready to have an easier & more fun launch?