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The Virtual Assistant Course for Online Service Providers

You want to have all the tools you need in one place... no more buying a million different courses to help your business grow

You’re ready to choose your path to success and be supported every step of the way with training & resources from someone who has been there

You’re fed up with feeling uncertain about your next steps to building your sustainable dream business

Are you starting, growing, or ready to scale?

No matter where you are at on your business journey... we've got you covered!​

The only set of courses you’ll need to take your budding online service-based business from overwhelming to flourishing.

Start, Thrive, Scale


There are many ways to hit your business goals. Helping you find and implement your way to hit yours is my goal.

That’s why I created Start, Thrive, Scale and that’s why, for the first time ever you can sign up for just the part you need.

(Or get everything. If you’re new to running a service-based business, I’d get everything 😉)

I've been in business for a while and I'm ready to scale beyond 1:1 client work with multiple revenue streams, courses & a team.

ready to scale


I've been in business for a while but I want to improve my marketing, find more clients, and increase my visibility as the expert I am.

wanting to grow


I'm just launching my virtual assistant or service-based business or am struggling to build a solid business foundation.

just starting


Which stage Of Business Are You At?

let me ask you a question...

yes, this is me!

yes, this is me!

yes, this is me!

The starting part of a new business is when everything is new and everything needs to be done — build a brand, figure out your ideal audience, create packages that sell, and build a streamlined onboarding process, the list seems endless.

Start your business off on the right track with all of the resources and training inside our Start program.

In the building and launching phase of a brand new business, you’re probably feeling really overwhelmed and overloaded with tons of information!

The Start Program:
Building and Launching Phase​

The first part of the STS program is START. This is the building block of ALL successful businesses. After going through the 6 modules, you will have the confidence to finally launch or re-launch your business and start getting clients.

Once we've got your skills and services mapped out it's time to turn them into packages that your ideal clients will be immediately saying 'YES!' for and handing over their credit card details.

module four

Packages & Pricing

No matter what type of services you hope to offer this module will you nail down the services you want to offer your ideal clients and help them with what they need.

module three

Your Skillset & Services

Setting your new business up for success requires some knowledge and understanding of business foundations. In this module we will also dive into setting goals for your business.

module two

Business Foundations

We start with a welcome and introduction to the course format and how to make the most out of it. I don't want this to be a course that sits on your digital shelf collecting dust (like so many others probably are!)

module one


What's Included in Start:

Inside this module you'll learn everything you need to work with clients, including onboarding, contracts, boundaries and everything else to help you handle your clients like a boss.

module six

Client Management

Your business needs a brand and it needs a presence, especially as it grows. This module will help you figure out your branding, including brand values, your logo, brand colors, and even setting up your social media profiles.

module five

Business Branding

An ever-growing resource of swipe files for client communication and tricky situations that might pop up as your grow your service based business.

script template vault


You get access to my library of WordPress website templates to help you get your website online and drawing in your new audience.

wordpress website templates


Your brand is essential as you start your business and that means more than just a logo. I've included some Canva brand boards and logo templates to help you get started crafting your new business brand.

canva branding kits


Start Program Bonuses:

and don't forget about these

More clients, more money, and more visibility to stand out as the expert that you are.

The growth phase is all about finding better clients and having dreamy clients come to you. In order to focus on growth, we need to dive deep into your marketing strategy, your productivity, and increase your visibility. Wouldn't it be nice to have dream clients regularly knocking on your door?

You've been in business for a bit but you want more.

The Thrive Program:
Business Growth Phase

It's time to THRIVE in your business.

Everything you need to build engagement and community on Instagram

module four

Instagram Marketing

Content marketing, email marketing, creating a lead magnet, and Pinterest marketing, it will be raining leads

module three

Organic Lead Generation

Optimize your website for organic traffic (SEO), copywriting, and understanding your analytics to turn your website into a client machine

module two

Website Client Machine

Value first marketing, lead generation options, tracking your leads, and asking for referrals

module one

Marketing 101

What's Included in Thrive:

Time tracking, project management, client management and how to automate part of your work so you don’t have to do it all

module six


All the different ways you can use Facebook for your marketing, including lives, challenges, Facebook groups, and ads

module five

Facebook Marketing

Become known as the go-to expert in your industry through collaborations, guest blogging, being a podcast guest and leveraging Clubhouse and online summits

module seven

Increasing Visibility

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clickup templates


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canva template bundles


Thrive Program Bonuses:

and don't forget about these

With scale, we teach you exactly how to do that and figure out the best plan for scaling - multiple income streams, passive income, building a team and offering premium services in your business, it’s all possible for you.

There are so many ways to scale your service-based business and we are covering them all inside the program!

Take Your Business to the NEXT LEVEL​ and let's scale to new heights.

The Scale Program:
Next Level Phase

Step into your power as a CEO with the Scale program.

Adding premium services, VIP Days, or high ticket offers to your business

module four

Premium Services

Everything you need to create and sell courses, programs, and memberships

module three

Courses & Memberships

Creating and pricing digital products to add to your business

module two

Digital Products

Figuring out how to scale using the right methods for you and raising your rates

module one

Introduction to Scaling

What's Included in Scale:

List-building, lead magnets, upsells, downsells, and everything else you need to know about sales funnels

module six

Sales Funnels

Everything you need to know about launching

module five

Launch Planning

Everything SOPs, building a team or an agency and hiring

module seven

Outsourcing & Hiring

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sop template library


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launch strategy calendar


Scale Program Bonuses:

and don't forget about these

I love helping other female entrepreneurs grow and scale their business while staying in their zone of genius.

Everything you see here, I created specifically to help freelancers, virtual assistants, and service providers - no matter where they are at in their business journey.

I wanted to create a comprehensive program that gives them everything they need to have a successful business and know they are fully supported as they continue to grow and scale.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2007 and have worn many hats over the years (👋🏻 Hi there fellow multi-passionates!) I’m a content creator, a graphic designer, a digital marketing strategist and a Pinterest Manager all rolled into one.

I'm Tara, Your Coach!

hey there

The Start, Thrive, Scale program is geared towards service providers, freelancers, and virtual assistants. The start portion of the program focuses on business fundamentals and a solid business foundation. Thrive gets into marketing and growing your business. Then scale focuses on scaling strategies to take your business beyond $5-$10k months, such as, digital products, building a team, sales funnels, and more.

Q: who exactly is this course for?

The self study option doesn’t come with additional support but there is a ton of resources, content, and strategies for you to dive into.

Q: does this program include any 1:1 support from tara or a community?

have another question?
send us an email at

Due to the digital nature of the course and because you get access immediately, we don't typically offer refunds but we do want to make sure you're satisfied. Please reach out to us at with any questions, feedback, or concerns, and we will do our best to help you and make it right.

Q: do you offer refunds if i'm not satisfied with the course once i'm inside?

How does lifetime access sound? We will also be continuously updating the program training and materials as needed.

Q: How long will I have access to the training and resources inside the program?

Have Questions? I've got answers.


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