VIP Creativity Days

Dive into your business with someone who knows exactly what it needs

Your to-do list is a scary sight. Half-developed marketing strategies and disorganized branding materials clog up your laptop. Your website is 70% of the way there, but something always bothers you when you land on that homepage. You’re putting off a bunch of little things but are now discovering that they’re turning into big things.

Don’t worry, I know exactly how you feel

*Poof* you just found your creative unicorn 🦄

When you book a VIP Creativity Day with me, you get my undivided magical marketing powers for an entire day. And during our day together, you will…

It’s like someone waved a magic wand and took all of the “tomorrow” tasks off of your plate.

And now you get to sit back and do what you love each day.

In just 1 day, your to-do list goes away.

You may be wondering what can *actually* happen in one day.

Take a look at past VIP Creativity Days to see how much got done in one simple day.





Keep in mind, each and every business is different – which is why VIP Creativity Days work so brilliantly for every business owner!

Would you like a customized plan for your VIP day?

done-for-you Creativity Day

Hire me for a VIP Creativity Day and give your business the attention it deserves.

Mix and match from this menu and craft a day that sets you up for months of success.

Your website is feeling a little blah. Or maybe it doesn’t exist. Whether you need a refresh or something from scratch, we can make it happen. I typically work with Elementor and WordPress to create sites for service-based businesses. And yep, your site will be SEO-friendly and contain converting copy.

Funnels don’t have to be scary. Let’s freshen yours up or create something from scratch. We’ll tap into your ideal market and create something that makes people say “yes” as soon as they lay eyes on your brand. If your funnel is working, solid leads are coming to you EVEN while you’re taking a bubble bath.

You need an ad campaign, and you don’t have months to get it set up. Start making sales instantly from a converting ad campaign that grabs the attention of your target audience. Graphic design and copywriting are included, so you’ll have everything that it takes to run ads that breed results.

Your social media is a little…sparse. You know you need to post, but you need things to post. We’ll create graphics and social media content for Instagram or Facebook. This way, you can bask in increased engagement and a larger reach without spending tons of time and brain energy on your next caption.

Random posting doesn’t work. You need content that hits the mark and has a consistent, proven strategy behind it. We’ll dive into your social platforms and soak up your past analytics. Then we’ll craft a personalized strategy that speaks to your ideal audience and makes social media one of your best marketing channels.

Is Pinterest a tool in your arsenal yet? It should be. An optimized Pinterest account gets you more eyes, more leads and more business. I’ll perform an account audit, write some optimized pin descriptions, design your Pinterest templates and show you exactly how to succeed with Pinterest marketing.

Want a combination? That’s cool, too.

We can work together on what you need and what can be done during our day together.

we can't do it all in a day but we can do a lot.

Your Creative

hi, i'm tara

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2007 and have worn many hats over the years. I’m a content creator, a graphic designer, a digital marketing strategist and a Pinterest Manager all rolled into one.

I love helping other female entrepreneurs grow and scale their business while staying in their zone of genius.


Clients I've Worked With


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Courses Taken

systems i use and love

Instead of playing email tag with 8 different freelancers for a month, get everything you need to level up your business in just one day.

I had the great pleasure to have a Creative VIP day with Tara and it was the best experience for this next phase of my business. Her knowledge, knowhow and creative genius instinctively knew just what I was hoping for (possibly read my mind even!) and created a beautiful website and gave me some tips on my business backend work that I could never repay. I would recommend working with her time and again - I can't wait until the next time we get the chance to work together. YOU MUST sign up for this opportunity. It is a gamechanger!

Part art, part analytics, part creative magic

That’s how I roll. See my past projects below.



website design
website design
website design
website design
website design
website design
website design
website design
graphic design
graphic design
graphic design
graphic design
sales funnel
sales funnel
sales funnel
facebook ads

my process

Depending on which type of Creativity Day you need, we will have 2-5 hours of pre-work that will need to be completed by you prior to our scheduled day.

This ensures everything will flow smoothly on your scheduled Creativity Day and that I have everything I need to maximize our time together.

step one

Fill out my VIP Creativity Day application form. I’ll review it and make sure I can meet your needs and that we are a good fit for each other.

step two

Once we’ve confirmed your application, we’ll set a date to work together. You’ll receive your invoice and agreement to secure your date. Before the day, you will have approximately 2-5 hours of pre-work to complete so we maximize our time together.

step three

On your scheduled VIP Creativity Day, we will connect via Slack or Voxer, and I will get to work! You should be available through 11 am – 4 pm EST on your day if any questions arise that I need a quick response to.

step four

After your VIP Creativity Day, everything will be sent to you via Google Drive with a complete review of what we were able to accomplish. You will have 30 days of email support to ask any questions or voice any technical concerns.

who it's for

Service-Based Entrepreneurs

Female Coaches

Creative Businesses

Passion-driven businesswomen who are ready to level up

Picture a Spa treatment for your business and a confidence booster for your mind, Expect to; relax, get pampered and feel completely re-energized! Book your VIP day! This is an amazing service, so many programs string people along, while Tara just delivers and over-delivers.

It’s your turn! Invest in a day that changes everything. Turn mood boards into beautifully-designed websites and to-do lists into success stories.


Business Audit & Questionnaire to create a roadmap for your business and our VIP day together

Full Day of Implementation Magic with my uninterrupted attention between 11am - 4pm EST

All Deliverables and Assets from our time together creating magic

30 Days of Email Support after our VIP day together

Marketing magic is headed your way. Now all you need to do is schedule a day to make it all happen.

frequently asked questions

Q: If I fill out an application, am I confirming a spot?

A: No, your spot is confirmed with payment and booking a spot on my calendar. I use an application process so I can get to know your needs and be absolutely confident that I am the right person to help you with a VIP day.

Q: Do I need to be available on the day I book?

A: Yes! Between 11 am - 4 pm EST preferably. You will be invited to a private Slack channel where I may need some feedback or have urgent questions as I work through our game-plan for the day. Delays can affect how our day flows, so it’s best if you’re available, at least for quick questions via Slack during those hours.

Q: What if you can’t finish what we had hoped during the day?

A: This shouldn’t happen because of all of our pre-work and planning. However, things happen and tech issues might pop up, etc. If that’s the case, you will get a special discount on booking another half-day VIP day so we can finish up, or I’ll provide you with steps required for completion afterward.

Q: What is the cost of a VIP day?

A: The cost is $1800 USD.

Q: How much can we accomplish in a day?

A: This will vary by client. I can guarantee that I work fast, and we will have a ton of pre-work completed beforehand so that I’ll have everything I need to work even quicker on your VIP day.

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