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Watch the free masterclass and learn how to market your business in a more sustainable way   👉🏻

Watch the free masterclass and learn how to market your business in a more sustainable way 

Ready to discover how you can build a business that feels fun, sustainable, and hustle-free? Read on to learn more about my journey and how I can support you on your path to success.

I'm Tara Reid, a Business and Marketing Strategist dedicated to helping introverted entrepreneurs, course creators, coaches, and service providers build thriving businesses without the hustle.

Through my actionable trainings, resources, and step-by-step courses, I empower you to create a sustainable business that aligns with your introverted nature and brings you joy.

Empowering Introverted Entrepreneurs to Build Sustainable, Fun-Filled Businesses

something needs to change and that's likely going to be figuring out your own path to grow + succeed.

If your business is overwhelming, stressful, and doesn't light you up like you thought it would...

Got clarity around my audience and how I can help them

Finally felt good creating my offers and marketing my business

Stopped trying to be someone I wasn't and showed up authentically

not only that, it got easier and it became more fun. this was that freedom feeling i was after when i decided to start my business!

After I stopped doing all the things I was told to do it clicked.

But here's the thing, building a business can be downright exhausting. I've been there! I've tried just about every strategy out there and I came to realize that it's not about the strategy. It's how the strategy makes you FEEL.

There are a million different ways to market, grow, and scale your business. The most important thing is, "what's going to work for me?" 

Because that answer is not the same for everyone, and entrepreneurship is not one size fits all.

If you're like me your answer is probably:

Why did you start your business?

xo, tara

You just need the right tools, skills, and support to get a plan in place to make that happen! Your entrepreneur journey is not the same as anyone else's and it's important to remember that. Don't lose sight of your own path.

You can have freedom - financially and time freedom.
You can have clients coming to you.
You can build a business that feels fun.

That's exactly what I want for you.

You can have a business that feels good and allows you the space & freedom you've been after.

now my mission is to help entrepreneurs who are tired of feeling frustrated.

My favourites

The freedom my business gives me!

most grateful for

Planning my tasks and relaxing with my dogs

daily ritual

Double double coffee from Tim Hortons!

drink of choice

Quiet Voice Fearless Leader by Terrence Lee

go-to book

Bridgerton, Friends, Gilmore Girls

binge watches

my core values

My Values

Straight from my scrapbook

growth: By offering sustainable strategies, valuable resources, and continuous support, i empower my audience to achieve their own growth and success

authenticity: By being true to myself and openly sharing their my experiences and challenges i strive to build a genuine connection with my audience.

integrity: ensuring that all actions, communications, and business practices align with honesty, ethics, and transparency.

collaboration: By fostering partnerships I enable my community to learn from diverse perspectives and expertise.

One of the reasons I love working from home is spending time with my rescue dogs - Luni, Ellie, and Cheeto.

my crew

Barry (aka my husband and personal cheerleader)

my greatest love

Hanging out at my mom's craft shows and getting bit by the entrepreneur bug.

childhood memory

According to the back of this photo this was first bite of cake (and I totally sneaked it during my brother's birthday party!)

i've always loved cake

Podcast Features

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Hustle-Free Ways to Market Your Business

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Marketing liberation for introverts & multi-passionates

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Keeping things simple as a multi-passionate entrepreneur

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Being a Multi-Passionate Introvertpreneur

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Thriving as an Introvert in Business

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How to do what you want & what's good for your business as an introvert

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The 2022 Course Creator Conference

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How To Sell A Handmade Business For $69,000

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Blogging for Business Growth

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The Best Social Media Platform for Introverts

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Business Building for Introverts

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Tara Reid: The Introverted Entrepreneur

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Tips for Marketing Your Business as an Introvert

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What Are The Best Marketing Methods for Introverted Lawyers?

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Introvert-Friendly Marketing Methods

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Borrowing Other People's Audiences as an Introvert

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Podcasting for Introverts: What To Do & Not To Do

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Burnout & Instagram Breaks as an Introverted Entrepreneur

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The Introvert’s Guide to Entrepreneurship with Tara Reid

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Can You Be a Successful Introverted Entrepreneur?

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Creating content for your business as an Introvert

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Social Media & Marketing for Introverts

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