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a list of my favorite business tools and resources.




tools & Resources i use and recommend

I’ve been through a lot of website hosts over the years, but SiteGround has been the best by far. I haven’t had any downtime or issues with my website, even with a huge increase in traffic.

I was a Wordpress user for 2 decades and fell in loveeeee with Showit. It's an easy to use website builder.

I use AddEvent to create user-friendly calendars for all of my programs and live events.

countdown hero

styled stock society

Wave Accounting

I switched from Quickbooks to Wave Accounting for two main reasons: 1) it's easier to use and 2) it's free for what I need it to do!

A really great option for stock photos that includes a wide variety and big gallery of photos to choose from.

I love all things evergreen but true scarcity has it's place. I previously used Deadline Funnel but switched to Countdown Hero because it's a lifetime deal. It does have a bit of a learning curve with getting things set up properly though.


ai copy club


ConvertBox is a super fun and easy to use tool for making more evergreen sales and getting more email subscribers. Plus, with a lifetime deal it's an easy yes!

One of the best offers around to help you use AI to your advantage is Brittany Long's AI Copy Club. By far one of the most valuable memberships I've ever joined.

I’ve used a lot of other email marketing platforms, like ActiveCampaign or FloDesk, but ConvertKit is definitely my favorite and the only one I use now. It’s also a much more cost-effective option as your list hits above the 5k subscribers’ mark.

canva pro

become a pinterest va


WriteSonic is a great AI tool to use for certain things, especially if ChatGPT is wonky or down.

I took this course at the start of my Pinterest Manager journey many years ago and it’s one of the most comprehensive courses I’ve taken. If you’re interested in adding Pinterest Manager services for your clients, I can highly recommend it.

Because I was trained as a graphic designer using Photoshop I hesitated using Canva Pro for years and omg, I wish I had jumped in sooner. It’s so easy to customize and create great graphics for social media and all of your marketing.




Another lifetime deal that I'm loving! I use TidyCal for all of my bookings (coaching calls, strategy sessions, podcast interviews, etc.)

Another most cost-effective AI tool with tons of great built-in templates and ways to use it.

If you want to create a quiz as a lead magnet, Interact is the best and easiest tool to use! Why are quizzes so great? People want to learn more about themselves, they are entertaining, and they usually have great conversion rates!

answer the public



Libsyn is my podcast hosting platform of choice. I looked at other options when first launching my podcast but I’m glad I went with Libsyn.

SEMRush is by far the best and most in-depth SEO tool. While it is expensive on a monthly basis, you can start and stop your subscription as you need it (for example: do all of your competitor research in one month using it!)

Looking for content ideas? Answer the Public is the best free tool to see what people are searching for.




UberSuggest is a lower-priced but less robust option for a SEO tool (compared to SEMRush) but it’s a great tool that I definitely recommend.

I LOVE Slack. I use it for all team communication and have even started using it instead of Facebook Groups for some of my programs to communicate with students.

Voxer is a great audio and text messaging app that I use for my Voxer Coaching. I also host Voxer Coaching Days 2x per month for my Introvertpreneur Club members.




Heartbeat is an app where I host all of my communities now for my programs. It's a great alternative to Circle or a pop-up Facebook Group.

Literally all of my checkout pages are built using ThriveCart. All of my digital products, courses, and memberships are now hosted on the new Learn platform (which is included in your one-time ThriveCart purchase).

I don't use Notion for a lot of things (I typically prefer Airtable or ClickUp), but I LOVE their calendar view.

Grab my free Notion template right here!

airtable like a boss


summit in a box

One of the best business investments I ever made was signing up for Summit in a Box before I launched my first summit. If you want to host a summit, this program covers literally everything.

I’ve started using Airtable and Airtable automations for certain things in my business (like forms, summit speakers, our SOP library, etc.)

I love this course! It’s so helpful for anyone who wants to start using Airtable in a more automated and strategic way.

email marketing membership


profitable live trainings

I love everything Elizabeth Goddard puts out but my favorite training is Profitable Live Trainings. This program was the push I needed to start hosting live trainings almost once per month and turning them into evergreen products.

The SavvySystem is a great course for anyone who wants to get started as a virtual assistant.

With a $9/month membership, you don’t expect too much, but the email marketing membership from Liz Wilcox is amazing. Definitely one of the best investments I’ve made and continue to use in my business.

marketing magic app

pabbly connect

done in a day

The Done in a Day program by Jordan Gill is a great program for anyone who wants to create a premium service and start focusing on VIP Days instead of retainer or packages.

PabblyConnect is a Zapier alternative that has a lifetime offer available. It does have a bigger learning curve, but I love it!

The Marketing Magic App is an incredible AI tool designed specifically for course creators and digital product sellers.


fathom analytics


Want to get more backlinks or PR for your business? HARO (help a reporter out) will send you requests from reports and writers several times per day that you can pitch and respond to. Oh, and it’s FREE!

Goodbye Google Analytics! Fathom is the best analytics alternative and it's sooo much easier to use.

I’m a little obsessed with Otter. With a paid plan, I can have live subtitles on my coaching calls, plus you can use it for machine-generated transcriptions and subtitles.


on-brand fillable workbooks


I host all of my live trainings, webinars, coaching calls, and meetings on Zoom.

One of the most value-packed resources to help you design beautiful fillable workbooks in Google Docs.

Vimeo is my video hosting platform. I use Vimeo for hosting all of my videos for my courses, summits, etc.


pintastic rockstars

the contract shop

If you need some contracts or legal documents for your business, The Contract Shop has you covered.

If you want to use Pinterest as a big part of your marketing strategy, you likely won’t find a more helpful course than Pintastic Rockstars from Laura Rike.

AppSumo is a great resource for finding new tech and tools that can help you save time (and money!)

hello audio

damn copy templates


PixiStock is another great alternative for stock photos and graphic design templates.

I’ve worked with Sandra from Damn Copy before and she is amazing to work with! Her copy templates are even more perfect for anyone who wants a template to help them write engaging and converting copy.

I now have a private podcast membership through Hello Audio and I’m starting to add additional podcast feeds for my programs and courses in the upcoming months.

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