From Canva Templates to Marketing Guides and Workbooks, you can find all of my free resources available for download right here.

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Grab my free workbook to help you map out your offers, services, and digital products in a way that finally makes sense. Whether you have one value ladder or 5, you just need clarity around each one and how the offers work together.

The Offer and Value Ladder Workbook

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Want more clients that find you? The key is SEO (search engine optimization) but SEO doesn’t have to be complicated and technical. This guide will walk you through optimizing your website and ranking better in Google search to increase your organic website traffic (and leads!) No jargon or too technical tutorials involved.

Get Clients Coming to You With SEO

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Inside the free training vault, you get access to past masterclasses and presentations on a wide variety of topics. These are damn good! New videos are added occasionally, too. 

  • Creating a Small Offer or Digital Product to Scale Your Business
  • Getting Visible as an Introverted Entrepreneur without Video
  • How to Create Multiple Income Streams with Digital Products
  • How to Market Your Business as an Introvert

The Training Vault

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We’ve done the hours of research and testing for you and rounded up a list of 280+ of the best freebies, courses, resources, tools, and systems for entrepreneurs across MANY different categories. All packed up in this 64+ page resource guide!

The Ultimate Entrepreneur Toolkit

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I’ve been called a content creation machine by a few of my past clients and my team members, but it wasn’t always that way. I used to struggle with creating content that actually got me results, too.

You might be creating content right now, but if it’s not getting you new clients or helping you hit your goals, it’s just a waste of time!

Content Marketing Mistakes Guide

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Do you ever feel like you're horrible at being consistent and planning?

I create a ton of content, and as a multi-passionate, I had to get serious with a plan. BUT, I'm also very flexible with my plan. Things move, things change, and that's fine. But I need some kind of a plan to get things done and stay consistent.

This Notion Template is how I do it!

Notion Template for Marketing Planning

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A 5-day training series for service-providers and virtual assistants who want to increase their business revenue without working more hours on client work.

Growth Breakthrough Email Challenge

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Ditch energy-sucking marketing techniques and learn how to lean into your unique strengths as an introvert with my FREE webinar.

How to Market Your Business as an Introvert

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