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3 Simple Self Care Ideas for Introverts

Living as an introvert means many things, but most importantly it means that in order to feel grounded, you need (and I need) time alone to gather thoughts, fears, and ambitions to move on with my day. Unlike an extrovert, that thrives on being around others and gets really bored if not doing something almost every minute (including sleeping!)

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Whether you are an entrepreneur, parent, spouse or one of many children still living at home, it is very important you recognize what you need to ground yourself to handle all the crazy and exciting things life can throw at you.

Self Care Ideas for Introverts and Entrepreneurs

These can be very simple or they can be very big ideas… here are just a few examples of what you could do.

Self Care Ideas for Introverts

1. Just Stop – Smell the flowers (literally and figuratively)

By just stopping and turning off your TV/podcast and breath in deeply in the quiet, sit still and just listen to yourself and the rhythms. Not necessarily meditation (but close to it), this allows you to unclutter your mind for just a moment to focus on what is the next thing you need to do – whether it’s maintaining your home, a major work project or just to take a moment away from your family. If you can’t find it in your home, take a short walk around the block, go for a quiet drive to the end of town and back… anything. Even hiding in the bathroom in the tub for a few mins, it can make all the difference.

2. Take up the pen, the needle, the paintbrush…. Or Bubbles…

Just allow creativity to flow. It could be opening a fantasy novel, writing in your journal, finding a craft to work on (i.e. homemade gift for family for the holidays…) or just even grabbing a container of bubbles and going outside to watch them dance in the wind to a great radio station. Any of these are great ways to reground yourself for the next phase of day/career or even between demands from family. Allow your mind to wander just for a moment. You will thank me later!

3. Dust off your hiking shoes, runners or flipflops…

By going for a walk, being in nature – even if it’s just taking the kids to the park and you finding a park bench while they play. Getting out in nature, absorbing those rays and listening to the birds (over the kids) is a wonderful way to reground yourself. If you are really adventurous, walk through the grass barefoot – it is the ultimate in allowing you to reconnect. With the digital age all around us, these moments can make the difference between approaching an idea with calm and getting overwhelmed with your computer decides to freeze before you have saved your proposal. Its happened!…

These are just a few ways you could address your own self-care as an introvert – and they don’t have to cost you a lot by going to the spa. Simple steps such as these can do amazing things to your mindset and for your emotional/physical well being.

Are you an introvert, too? Do you have any other self care ideas for introverts? Share in the comments!


3 Simple Self Care Ideas for Entrepreneurs


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