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5 Reasons Why Freelancers and VA’s Should Practice Meditation

Do you find your mind being busy with all kinds of thoughts during the day and it seems impossible to switch off? Can you imagine having a peaceful moment for yourself when your mind is clear and not trying to jump from one thought to another? Not really you say? Try meditation and it will change your life!

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As an entrepreneur, you are dealing with a lot of things and constantly thinking about whether your income will cover all your living expenses, whether you sent out the invoice to your client or if you are marketing yourself correctly. We have so many things on our minds daily, including our to-do list, and it’s hard to avoid stressful situations that can lead to anxiety and overwhelming feeling. Meditation can really help you tackle the everyday hustle, calm your mind, boost your productivity, and improve your focus. The more you practice mindfulness and meditation, the more you see how big of an impact it has on your day-to-day activities. Meditation is definitely not easy to do, but the more often you practice it, the more present you are. 

There are so many benefits of why to practice meditation but here are my top 5 that will convince you to start today.

Boosts Creativity

Creativity is something that comes naturally to us and it’s something that we usually can’t force. But what if we have a deadline and we can’t come up with the right things? To create meaningful things, we need to allow ourselves to get into the creative flow and that won’t happen if we are caught up in our lives and projects, busy thinking about million things in once. Moreover, we have a tendency to overthink even small things, and that’s one of the biggest killers of creativity. Don’t overthink the process, have fun with it.

Let your thoughts flow and try not to focus on anything specific that goes through your mind while meditating. Let your creativity come up and continue your creations with a clear mind. You will find that by giving a break to your mind, you are doing yourself a favor of having time to recharge your creative spirit and start with the right mindset.

Brings Clarity and More Focus

Meditation helps us focus only on one thing at the time and that’s usually our breath, nothing else. We are in the moment and there is just us, no one else. No specific thoughts that we are fixating our brain on, just quieting our mind for a moment and spending time with ourselves. We are connecting with our inner self, reminding ourselves who we are and what drives us, and we can forget about all the outside distractions.

Meditation can also bring us clarity and a new perspective on things/ideas that we might normally feel stressed about or on something we are battling for a while. When you’re fully present at the moment, your mind is switched off, and therefore once you finish your meditation, many things might become clearer and you will know what you need to do next. With no pressure, with no postponing, you will feel ready to do whatever needs to be done. Because if you can concentrate only on one thing while meditating, you will find it easier to focus on one work task at the time as well.

Lessens Stress Levels

Constantly working on our business leaves us with almost no time for ourselves which leads us to days when we feel stressed and maybe even stuck in the circle.                                                    

Reducing stress can really help us feel better and one way to do that is to take some time off for ourselves and have a self-care time to re-energize and recharge our batteries. 

There are many ways of practicing meditation, and you should choose one that helps you to feel less stressed. Do you feel like music is helping you to meditate? Great! Or maybe a specific place helps you with meditation like being in nature or sitting on the beach by the sea? Do what feels good for you, and what helps you to be present at the moment. 

It’s proven that practicing meditation can help you minimize stress and anxiety in your daily life, so why not try it?

Promote Wellbeing

Meditation helps our wellbeing and mental health. It’s scientifically proven that long-term meditation can minimize depression risk because of its positive influence on your brain, and it can also help people with anxiety. Meditation helps us to unite our body with soul and therefore we can feel more connected to our energies and our inner self. We become self-aware and instead of thinking of the future or the past, we are focusing on the present. 

Make meditation your daily habit and start with a few minutes a day in the morning or evening. You can also write how it makes you feel or if you have any thoughts or affirmations you want to keep in mind. It will really help your overall wellbeing.

Aids in Creating Better Relationships with Clients

Meditation helps us be in the present moment and therefore we are more mindful about people around us, too. We are better listeners, we show that we care about others’ opinions, and we are more aware of our environment. You will act calmer in stressful situations and deal with the problems with a cold head. These can bring more harmony into your relationships, and the connection you’ll have with your client will be even better.


Meditation doesn’t have to be something that you are an expert in. You can start with a few minutes a day when you switch off your mind and simply be in a present moment. 

We, as entrepreneurs, are dealing with a lot of challenges and moments that can bring stress or anxiety daily. However, practicing meditation can help you calm your mind, boost your creativity, minimize stress level, and become more focused and productive. It’s scientifically proven that long-term meditation can minimize depression risk because of its positive influence on your brain, so it can be very beneficial for your overall well-being. Give it a try and see what works best for you. It’s a work in progress, but it is definitely worth trying.


5 Reasons Why Freelancers and Virtual Assistants Should Practice Meditation



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