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5 Ways to Work from Home During the Pandemics

No one saw this coming! With the outbreak of the coronavirus this year, there’s been a lot of changes we’ve had to face. If you’re an online worker, you might already know a bit about working from home and what works or doesn’t work for you. However, a lot of companies moved their actual offices to the home offices and because of the pandemics, they had to adjust to a ‘new normal’ way of working. Working from home is definitely not for everyone and if you’re not used to it or if you’ve started your own business during this time, you are probably trying to find what’s the best setup, how to set establish boundaries without having to work 24/7.

Helpful tips can come in handy with adapting to a new routine, so here are 5 ways how to make your work from home more efficient and productive.

Work Environment Matters

Working from home is definitely not about working from the bed, as many still might think. Designing your workspace and having it separate from the areas where you relax is so important. You can dedicate the corner of your room and create your productive space, or you can re-make the room into your office.

By having your own workspace, it will help you get into the work mode and have it set up, so it motivates you and it’s only yours. Get a proper table and chair to make yourself comfortable and decorate it the way it makes you feel good. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have their own creative corner?

Set your Working Hours

Creating boundaries for yourself and your clients is no-negotiable. Set strict working hours when everyone knows you’re available and work during those hours. This way not only your clients know when they can reach out, but also your household is aware, they shouldn’t distract you during those hours.

Another reason why you should establish a clear schedule is the fact that we tend to work more than we would in regular office hours. So don’t skip the breaks, have time for your lunch, and don’t extend your working hours just to finish one tiny thing. It will wait until the next morning. You need time for yourself and to switch off.


5 Ways How to Work from Home during the Pandemics


Find the Way to Be Social

Working from home can get lonely, so don’t forget to stay in touch with people. If you’re in quarantine or can’t really get out to meet people, schedule the calls through Zoom with your clients and your friends. You can also host a virtual event like a pizza night or coffee dates and make it more fun! 

We, humans, need social interaction, and even though you might not feel you need people around you all the time, it will get to you at some point. Talking to people also gives you a break from your ‘usual home activities’ whether that’s working or doing other things with your family/partner.

Establish Clear Communication

Clear communication with your clients or your team can really make a big difference. Since you can’t communicate face to face, set up weekly calls where you can update each other on what’s going on. Use Slack, ClickUp, Asana, or any similar platform for keeping up with the tasks that need to be done, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if something needs to be clarified.

Limit Distractions

Remote working from home can be a challenge. Since it’s our home, there are so many distractions that can ruin our productivity and efficiency. Bed staring at you, ability to watch movies anytime, cleaning your home just to avoid working, and people running around your house. Especially, if you don’t have the room to close yourself in, put your headphones on to limit the noise and have regular breaks that will keep you going.

Also, try to switch off notifications on your phone because that’s one of the biggest distractions that can really stop you from being focused.


Adjusting to the ‘new normal’ during this pandemic has been challenging for many people, but if you establish clear boundaries, set some ground rules in your household, and maintain a balance between working and just being home and enjoying yourself, you will create a good working environment even at home. You got this!


5 Ways How to Work from Home during the Pandemics



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