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7 Ways to Recycle and Reuse Blog Content

Here you are, working so very hard on your blog content, ensuring you are actively posting your point of view – sharing about your products or services and growing your outreach. But, one question is – why not find other avenues to use this content again and again. This will help you increase your outreach, possibly get you in front of new clientele as well! Not to mention, the hard work is already done – now to give it new life!

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Social Media Content

Do you find yourself using or creating great phrases that draw people into you and your business? They could be converted to graphics and added to your marketing strategy. You could then tag your guest bloggers in those same posts to increase your outreach. This also doesn’t mean it has to be a sales pitch – just a little “quote” to keep you front an center to anyone who might be interested.

Taking your blogs and look to see if it has an evergreen quality.

This means taking your content that never “dates out” and sharing it again – This gives you a whole new shelf life on the point of view and those who may not have read it before will get a chance to read it for the first time to share with their circles.

Take the data from your blog(s) and create an Infographic.

What this means is to take a complete summary of the content of your post and introduce it as a visual outline. This has a duo purpose, it could be used if you guest blog on another source, a great social media campaign or even a traditional marketing campaign. It also is another way to “evergreen” your blog for republishing in a different way.

There are programs out there to help those who might not be “graphically inclined” – like  Piktochart and Visually.

Your newsletter – why not add it to your monthly/quarterly newsletter

Why not share the content on a newsletter? It is directed to your ideal audience and it creates a way for them to further share the content with their circles of influence. This could create new opportunities for writing or getting your services highlighted in other ways.

Compile it into an Ebook

Is there enough content that it could be strung together in an E-book or a Self-published industry book? By utilizing the content and creating your authority in a new method, this further expands you into other markets you didn’t even think of!

Not to mention, you can self publish for nearly free! There are many ways to look into this, from Amazon and beyond (is there anything that Amazon doesn’t help with – really?). This then becomes another revenue source without a lot more effort!

It is said that professionals are always looking for industry experts to better expand on their own business – possibly to give fresh ideas or perspectives on how to grow their business by possibly learning from what you have experienced. This could then open up opportunities to be on their platforms as well. Another marketing strategy bonus! 

Would it translate to Freebies?

Are you looking to start a new promotion within your business? This could be the “draw’ that you could upsell your new or expanded product/service/course. This could be translated into a pdf fillable document or how to – this creates leads for you to further expand into, takes existing content andmakes it more practical.

Enter the Podcast Realm

This is the next evolution of all blogs – to begin a podcast. This then takes your subject matter and creates an opportunity to have deeper conversations with others about your knowledge or services or products and get further insight on how it can be utilized by others and you can further demonstrate your authority while learning more yourself – for possible new blog posts in the future!

Now, this is just the tip of the iceberg – there are more ways or even expanded ways to further stretch the hard work you have already put in. Not to mention, by finding alternate uses for existing content, it gives you a chance to “audit” for accuracy and if there had been any updates since writing it that could improve what you are trying to say.

Have we missed anything? Or would you need further info about some of what was discussed! Let us know!


7 Ways to Recycle and Reuse Blog Content



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