Affiliate Marketing Magic

the easy mini-course for generating more affiliate income.

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No money is totally passive, but affiliate income is as close as you can get to sales while you sleep.

affiliate marketing is a great additional revenue stream for coaches, course creators, and service providers.

Are you thinking about adding an additional revenue stream into your business? Let me introduce you to the power of affiliate marketing and why it's such an incredible revenue stream.

I'm not going to promote it as 'income with zero effort' because that would be a lie.

Affiliate marketing income is semi-passive but it's hardly ever totally passive. It can be super simple and rewarding, though!

Easily sell things you're already using and love

Builds trust with your audience

Don't want to create something new? Sell something from someone else for $$$

An introduction to Affiliate Marketing & The Two Types of Affiliate Marketing Income

How to Share Affiliate Links Legally

A WordPress Hack for Automatically Adding Your Affiliate Disclaimer into Your Blog Posts

A Guide to Choosing the Right Affiliate Programs and Products to Promote

Sharing Affiliate Links in Your Emails and Social Media Content to Drive Conversions

How to Keep Track of Your Affiliate Marketing Links

Two Real Behind the Scenes Case Studies and The Results I Got From Promoting 2 Offers

a rundown of what's inside:

The guide to the most fun passive (or semi-passive) income stream that brings me a consistent $2k/month!

Affiliate Marketing Magic


A curated list of over 70 affiliate programs for service providers, coaches, and course creators, to help you get started.

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I've been an entrepreneur for 17 years and I know that one thing that leads to a more sustainable business is having multiple revenue streams.

Affiliate marketing doesn't have to feel confusing or time consuming. It can be super simple!

While nothing is truly passive, affiliate marketing is the one revenue stream that comes pretty close. I created this mini-course to give you everything you need to focus on affiliate marketing income.

Hey, I'm Tara Reid (also known as The Introvert Coach). As a multi-passionate, I have 9 revenue streams in my business and I LOVE affiliate marketing!

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I love selling other people's things. It actually makes selling feel more fun and easy!

It will help your audience! If you've purchased or used a solution they need - share it.

You'll actually enjoy selling again because you aren't only selling your own things to your audience over & over again!

Your audience will trust you if you share valuable resources and tools with them. This is why it's so critical to only promote things you've used and love.

Why add affiliate marketing as an additional revenue stream? Here's just a few reasons...

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