The Introvertpreneur podcast is the ultimate podcast for introverted entrepreneurs! It will help you build a sustainable, ethical, and authentic business, without doing things you don’t want to do.

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"This podcast is so full of gems! No fluff! I get so much out of it each week. Practical and real business advice plus reminders to show up as I truly am. I love it!"

"This podcast is a godsend for anyone who feels like so much common business advice is not compatible with their energy level or personality as an introvert!"

"An amazing resource to listen to for all introvert entrepreneurs working online! Some great tips that will help you build your business without having to be something you’re not. Can’t wait for more :)"

"Tara is an amazing resource on how to be a super star business owner and introvert guru at the same time. She gives you great tips and perspective to implement in your business - cannot wait until the next episodes!"

... and a sustainable business!

A FUN business

Introvert-friendly tips

Entrepreneur advice

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a podcast for the introverted entrepreneurs who want:

primarily female, entrepreneurs & listened to in over 52 different countries


an award-winning podcast loved by all introverts who find it

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There’s a good chance you found me online via a summit – whether it was one I hosted, such as the Introvertpreneur Summit, or one that I participated in as a speaker. I absolutely love summits and they have hands down been the one thing that grew my business the fastest! They are also amazing […]

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m always getting asked how I manage to get so much done, how I create so much content and how I have so many offers! I decided I wanted to dive really deep into this and give you all a proper answer, so buckle up! There’s a lot of techniques […]

As someone with ADHD, a multi-passionate and who has lots of different revenue streams and a ton of different offers, products and events, I can definitely relate to the common feeling in business of “not knowing what to do next”. Sometimes I still struggle with deciding what to work on, but over my years in […]

If you’ve ever received a cold DM on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll probably have felt a little uncomfortable about it. But did you know that on LinkedIn, cold DMs are welcomed, and even often get great responses? That’s why it might be time for you to start incorporating LinkedIn into your marketing strategy. You’ll find […]

There’s a few questions people often ask me – how do you create so much? How do you launch so much? How do you do so much? And there’s definitely a lot of different answers I could give! However, boiling it down – having great systems and processes, being able to map out a project, […]

The idea for this episode came to me when I realized that I’ve talked a lot about your “introverted superpowers” – but never really spoken about how to uncover what they are and how to use them in your business! As an example, I used to think that because I’m a quieter person, I couldn’t […]

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I've been a multi-passionate online entrepreneur since 2007 and I am a bit obsessed with marketing methods that feel good. At the start of my business journey, I focused on all of the things I was told I 'had to do in order to find success'.

But that's crap. There are ways to create a business that feels good and authentic - not stressful, overwhelming, and un-fun. My goal with the podcast is to help introverts build a business that focuses on their strengths and that they love.

ceo, business coach and educator helping other introverts learn how to build an introvert-friendly business they love.

I'm Tara! The introverted entrepreneur who loves marketing.

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