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How I Became a Booked Out Virtual Assistant in 2 Months!

One constant topic I see in freelance and virtual assistant circles is tips for finding clients. Without clients, you can’t put food on the table or quit your day job, right? So, it’s an important topic of discussion! I’m happy to share some tips on how I became a booked out virtual assistant in my first 2 months of doing this full time.

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I’ve been an online business owner for over 12 years but when I decided to take my virtual assistant business full time, it was a gigantic leap of faith. I became fully booked up within 2 months! I have actually had to either turn down work and hire a couple of subcontractors to assist me with various tasks.


How did I do that?

1) I got serious about building a new business.

Even at the start, don’t treat your business as a side hustle. Treat it as a full-time business! This will come across as serious to your clients who are trusting you to help them run their businesses. Even if you are doing this part-time to make some side money, don’t treat it that way.

2) Invest in yourself and your knowledge.

Online courses are big business right now. There are so many options out there when it comes to virtual assistant’s and different tools that you might use. After doing a lot of research on the options out there for me, I stumbled across Abbey from The Virtual Savvy who offers her course SavvySystem (formerly called VA Bootcamp) and I am so thankful that I took the leap to sign up and invest in myself through her course. It is the most well rounded and info-packed course I have ever taken. After diving into the material, I felt more confident in my skills and the services I was offering to my clients.

The course is an investment, yes, but I made my investment back within 2 weeks, and you can too!

Enrollment for this amazing course opens again on July 19th, 2019 so make sure you sign up for the waiting list to jump on it!

Virtual Assistant Tips and Tricks

3) I figured out my niche market.

While I still haven’t niched down my services because I enjoy so many aspects of virtual assistance, like social media management, Pinterest management, email marketing, and graphic design, to name a few.

What I did do was narrow down my niche market of clients I would like to work with. My focus is on small businesses run by female entrepreneurs. Once I knew who I wanted to work with, finding them was easy.

4) I learned how to confidently pitch my services.

I’m an introvert so pitching my services to clients can be a challenge sometimes. Also finding the confidence to charge what I’m worth could be difficult for me, but armed with the tools and resources available in the SavvySystem course has allowed me to flourish my skills and in turn, gain confidence in charging what I am worth.

If my packages won’t work for someone, that just means either they aren’t ready to work with me yet or they aren’t my target client. That’s okay!

In conclusion, don’t sell yourself short.

If you have the passion and drive to make a real go as a virtual assistant, you can. Be confident, be persistent, and always continue to learn. Your clients are out there, you just need to find them!

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