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How to Figure Out Who Your Ideal Client Is

Let me start with the fact that most entrepreneurs aren’t clear about their ideal client, so you are definitely not the only one trust me! Figuring out who your ideal client is can be challenging, especially at the beginning of your business. Many of us might feel like working with anyone for the sake of getting the client is okay. However, even though many businesses may need your help, niching down your ideal clients helps to deliver your services to the right target market and saves you wasted time or money.

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Here are a few steps you can follow when determining who your ideal client is.

Know Who You Are

A first and very easy step is to brainstorm about who you would like to work with and what things you like. Do you love to travel? Great! You could help busy travel influencers or companies within hospitality. Do you enjoy doing yoga? You could work with a yoga studio or yoga teacher! Are you a big sustainability fan? Look for eco-friendly brands!

Do you see the connection? Any hobby you have or your passion for a specific subject can be turned into finding your ideal clients in that specific niche! The topics you love to talk about and you are genuinely interested in can bring additional value to your job and you will create authentic content or help with tasks you are happy to do. I’m sure you would rather work with like-minded people who are interested in the same subject than with some random business that you know nothing about.

How to Figure Out Who Your Ideal Client Is

Know What You Do

When you figure out the niche businesses you might work with, think about what you can bring to their business. How can you help them? Which of the services you offer could be useful for them? What makes you better than your competitors?

You need to be able to answer all these questions and have a clear goal in mind. You should create and design products or services your ideal client will love but also benefit from in some way. They need to see the value of working with you and that you can help their business and keep them organized.

One way to differentiate yourself from others is to have a good online presence and work consistently on growing your personal brand. Put your effort into marketing and reaching those ideal clients by engaging with their brand and knowing what they do.

Set Up Your Expectations

Before you start reaching out to your potential clients, determine what you are looking for in a client, and what you expect from working together. Are you looking for a respectful person who is a good communicator and has clear goals? Is the price you want to charge in the client’s price range? Write it all down, your price, and what you want to get out of it. Because even though the client is a very important part of it all, you are your own boss and you need to have certain conditions under which you will work.

Also, are you looking for local or international clients? Do you have any specific hours you are available to work? If you have any preferences, you have to consider these and make sure your potential client has what you’re looking for.

I hope this blog post gave you a better idea of 3 main steps on how to figure out who your ideal client is. Start from yourself and think about what you like or enjoy, find people and businesses that you would be interested to work with. Set up some expectations and what both sides can get out of it and offer tailor-made services for the potential like-minded client you would love to offer your services to.

So who is your ideal client? Let me know!


How to Figure Out Who Your Ideal Client Is



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