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How to Market Your Business When You Are An Introvert

Do you get butterflies at the idea of networking? Do you get cold sweats from the thought of presenting at a local event? Rest easy – there are many options that don’t have to cause you undue stress. Don’t get me wrong, being out there and speaking about your business, point of view or anything related – but you don’t only have to entertain in-person marketing opportunities. There are other ways you can Market yourself.

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How to Market Your Business When You Are An Introvert

Start with Technology:

Social Media, Youtube, TikTok – the options are endless! You can pre-record, go live from the comfort of your office or even engage with amazing graphics and calls to action via your profiles. This is probably, the most straight forward way to market your business. 

You can go as live as you feel comfortable! The key is, make sure you are getting your voice out there! Make sure that your knowledge and authority shines – that is the reason you are in business as well, there is a reason your followers love you. 

Make sure you showcase that in any realm that is not only “comfortable” but able to be shared and given to a larger audience.

One-on-One Networking:

One quality that causes us Introverts to stand out is our ability to listen. We are known for listening and creating a meaningful conversation with anyone we interact with. We love to listen and talk about passion projects or ideas! That is our gift! 

Why not take that gift and reach out for one on one meetings with those in the community that not only could be potential supporters but possible collaborators in future business situations. They could give you insight that you never thought of and by doing it one on one it allows you both to have a chance to truly chat it out as well, it decreases the stress of being lost in the crowd or not having the best opportunity to share.

Blogging/Guest Blogging

Blogging is a large and simple medium that allows you the opportunity to share your authority in a vessel that you create. There is also the idea that you could guest blog on another supporting website. By writing out your ideas and share them on other outlets that have larger engagement opportunities this allows you to not only share your message, your knowledge but also a chance to network with other readers who haven’t heard from you! 

For a simple couple of hours a month, you could write up some amazing content that could be taken to the next level with the support of industry friends.



This is one way to tie in not only Technology and One-on-One Networking but also the chance to participate in a great marketing method. Podcasts are an intimate way to share your point of view. The outreach is global! It is surprising the range that your message could reach by sitting down and just having a simple conversation – also, you have the opportunity to share a “freebie” or documents within the show notes that can enhance your knowledge and message.

Testimonials/Customer Reviews

Have you shared testimonials? What about making sure your Google My Business page is up and running so that you can encourage reviews? Like they say – Word of Mouth the best advertising. It means that you have proven yourself with your ideal client and that any new clients will see why they can trust you. 

You could take some of these reviews and promote them under your products/courses on your website. You could take them and make a Social Media Image and showcase it on your profile as well!


Thinking of creating a new swag? Have a program that you want to offer a chance for a lucky person to participate in? This is another way to market yourself. By involving the outreach of your followers, they could share you and your giveaway to new followers who might be interested in working with you down the road.

Remember, marketing you and your business doesn’t have to be stressful or hard. There are some great alternative ways to get you and your message out there. You could keep these three simple steps in mind as you find your sweet spot in marketing:

  1. Do the things you love as your marketing
  2. Learn about effective methods before dismissing them – keep only what is fun.
  3. Drop anything that doesn’t match the type of entrepreneur you are/want to be. Be genuine in your marketing as you are in your business.

What have you tried that we didn’t cover today? I would love to hear of your success stories? Maybe there is an idea or method that hasn’t had a bright light shined on it? I would love to hear it!


How to Market Your Business When You Are An Introvert



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