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How to Market Your Podcast on Pinterest

Podcasts are HUGE right now, and even if you aren’t writing a full accompanying blog post along with the podcast, as long as you are putting it somewhere on your website – Pinterest can be a very valuable tool for marketing your podcast. Ready to grow your podcast audience and reach? Keep reading for some tips on using Pinterest, and some free resources to help you!

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1) Make Sure Your Podcast is Added to Your Website or Claimed Domain

You want to add your podcast to your website so that all of your Pinterest pins to it are attached to your Pinterest account. This ensures better reach – anyone else who repins your pin will have your Pinterest account attached to it. Just sharing the Apple Podcast link won’t do that, so it should be repurposed somewhere on your website.

A few examples of people who are doing this very well for their podcast:

2) Create 3-5 Pin Designs per Podcast Episode

Pinterest LOVES fresh content (new pin designs) so to maximize your reach, I would recommend creating 3-5 pin designs for each new podcast episode you put out. You don’t need to schedule them all at once, in fact, it’s better to space them out in your Tailwind scheduling queue. But, having this many allows you more coverage on Pinterest in terms of reaching new audiences.

Keep it simple – have some Canva templates that you can re-use for each new episode to save yourself tons of time and energy. Entrepreneur Templates is a great Canva Template resource for entrepreneurs and we have several templates geared just towards podcast promotion and marketing!

You can also grab a new FREE set of podcast Pinterest pin templates below:

Free Podcast Promotion Pinterest Templates

3) Create an Audiogram for a Video Pin

Video pins are huge right now for reaching new audiences and having a podcast is a perfect way to utilize this growing feature on Pinterest. Audiogram allows you to quickly and easily create some beautiful video pins with a short clip of your awesome new podcast episode.

Final Thoughts

You are already promoting your podcast on Instagram or Facebook, so why not Pinterest? It doesn’t need to be overwhelming or time-consuming and a lot of my podcast clients have seen major growth when they started working with me to incorporate a Pinterest marketing strategy into their podcast promotion!

Do you use Pinterest for marketing your podcast? Share your podcast link below and a little bit about what it’s about so we can check it out!

How to Market Your Podcast on Pinterest

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