I'll be your complete marketing strategist, implementer, and creator.

Want to get more clients, more sales, and more leads?

hire a marketing director and strategist

You need a marketing magician!

sound like something you need? Then read on!

I want to jump into the business weeds with you. I want to be your business growth & marketing partner, but this isn't just coaching or strategy. It's a combo of that...

That's why I created this service.

There are so many ways to market and scale your business. With so many options and strategies, it can be hard to move forward.

I've worked with so many creative business owners through my 1:1 coaching, membership, and coaching programs... but I always felt like I wanted to offer more.

plus done for you services!

I work fast, and I love it all. This will be a 3-month partnership where my goal is to not only help you strategize, teach you, and coach you, but also implement what needs to be done. During our time together, your business will be treated like my business. My only goal is to help you achieve your goals, get more visible, and improve your marketing.

helping you brainstorm and strategize your entire business, offers, and goals, then making a plan on how to achieve those goals and implement tasks

During Our Time Together

here's the magic we'll make happen

Goal Planning and Strategy

including courses, memberships, workshops, digital products, etc.

Offer Planning and Creation

strategy, creation, writing, tech set-up, lead magnet creation

Email Marketing

strategy, creation, page design, writing, tech set-up

Sales Funnels

strategy, planning, creation, graphic design, social media post writing, blog writing, content repurposing, Pinterest

Content Marketing

on-page optimization, link-building outreach, keyword research


automation, workflows, systems setup


launch planning, strategy, content creation, analytics, summit or virtual event


graphic design, sales page design, and website design


My Promise To You

more visibility and warm leads finding you organically without having to hustle non-stop

someone you can brainstorm with and bounce ideas off of to grow your big picture business

better strategy when it comes to marketing your business because right now it feels a little all over the place

Maybe You wish you had:

right now...

someone who can help you plan out launches, new offers, sales funnels, and everything in between!

I LOVE strategy, planning, AND implementation to get it done.

We will work together with a focus on growing your business. I’m offering this package for only 2 clients at a time so I can dedicate enough time, energy, and attention to YOUR brand. In all honesty, I’m like a one-person agency solution. It can be confusing to be told, ‘you need multiple people for this project, or strategy isn’t the same as implementing’.

That’s true for most people, but not for me.

You are a service provider, coach, or course creator who is making at least $10k per month

You are a multi-passionate who has a billion ideas at all times (I don't want to get bored doing the same thing!)

You are tired of managing a team but don't want to do it all yourself

You are a heart-centered entrepreneur who values integrity and authenticity

You are open to coaching, new ideas, brainstorming, and strategizing together

Want to know who it's for? Well let me tell ya...

are you ready to

Let’s Expand & Grow

The Complete Package


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Work Together for the Next 3 Months and Get Shit Done?

Basically, unlimited access to me and projects every month (within reason).

3 month minimum commitment.

Let’s Expand

Less Projects Per Month


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The 'half power' option means we’ll be able to tackle fewer projects per month, but we’ll still get a ton done.

3 month minimum commitment.

dama jue

If you've got more ideas than you have time, technical funnel expertise, or energy for, stop reading ASAP and just hire Tara already.


I was **blown away** by how much she can get done + ready to sell, all executed for me in my funnel system (Thrivecart) and email marketing software. Not only did she whip up funnels for me FAST, she also provided all the extra little things that usually take me for-ev-er, like creating promo graphics, mockups, affiliate swipe, post purchase emails and the actual sales emails. Seriously - working with Tara is incredible. Bring her your ideas and watch her create and bring them to life!

Over the next 3 months we will brainstorm, strategize, and get things done together. Because each client is different, we will have a strategy session every month to plan out the month ahead and all of the tasks I'll do be doing for you!

we dive in!


Once we decide to work together you'll receive a contract, the initial invoice, and we will schedule our first strategy session to map out what I'll be diving into during our time together.

signed & paid


Because I only work with 2 clients at a time due to the time investment I normally have a waitlist. When a spot opens up, the waitlist will be the first to know! You'll then fill out an application form to make sure we're a good fit to work together in this capacity!

apply or get on the waitlist


Here's How My Marketing Director Role Works:

what's next?

I’m a content creator, graphic designer, marketing strategist, SEO specialist, website designer, sales funnel strategist, Pinterest manager, and business coach all rolled into one.

Told you it was a lot of titles!

I love helping service providers who want to start, grow, or scale their business in a more sustainable way. I am big on authentic marketing, stress-free personality-driven strategies, and focusing on what brings you joy.

I’m also the founder of The Introvertpreneur Club, a monthly membership for introverted entrepreneurs, and the business-focused podcast, Introvertpreneur.

entrepreneur since 2007. I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients, have built several successful businesses, and worn many different hats.

I'm Tara! Multi-passionate, introvert, lover of (almost all things) marketing.

Meet your business & marketing coach

Basically, I'm a creative unicorn who loves all the things and isn't going to apologize for it.