This is an intensive 1:1 service where I dive deep into your business and strategize your marketing, sales funnels, and offers. I'm with you the whole ride and you'll get a super easy to implement profit plan filled with ideas!

Profit Plan Strategy Session Intensive

I'm about to show you just how easy it really can be!

Your business might feel good right now but you know things could be even better. One small tweak or new strategy could add thousands in revenue!

That's exactly what I love doing as a strategist. Finding new ways to scale your business, improve your marketing, and make simple tweaks that can result in $$$$.

if you're ready to scale your business in new ways and pull back the curtain for a strategist to dive in... your time is now!

You will find new opportunities, new offers, and new ways to scale your business.

A 90-minute strategy session where we dive into your business, offers, and marketing.

A custom review and look at your data, including your analytics, revenue, and offers.

Tips and tweaks you can make to your website, sales funnels, offers, and marketing, that will make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Keyword research, competitor research, and market research done strategically for your business.

Get ready cause this fun ride includes:

You'll receive a completely custom profit plan doc filled with tweaks, ideas, suggestions, and ways to improve your offers, funnels, marketing...

And ultimately, improve your bottom line with more revenue and profit.

We will jump on a 90-minute strategy session where I'm going to dive into your business, your offers, your current marketing strategy, and your goals.

After our session, I'll jump into your analytics, systems, and funnels, to come up with a profit plan homework list that you can easily implement.

Get ready to get some new ideas, super clarity on your business, and easy to implement marketing that will move your business forward.

I'm ready to look at the big picture of YOUR business and lend you my strategist brain.


Profit Plan Strategy Session

After our call, this is when the magic happens. Within 3-5 days you'll have a profit plan delivered to your inbox.

STEP THREE: plan created and delivered to your inbox

Then we jump on Zoom for a 90-minute strategy session where I'm going to ask questions & learn more about you and your business.

STEP TWO: 90 minute strategy session on zoom

Once you sign up for a Profit Plan Intensive, you'll receive a questionnaire to fill out before our live strategy session call.

STEP ONE: sign up and fill out your questionnaire

Here's how it works!




I bet you're wondering....

your questions answered

The profit plan strategy sessions are for coaches, course creators, or service providers. Ideally, you're someone with digital products (or someone who wants to create more digital products, courses, or programs).

Every profit plan is different as every business is unique. We'll talk through your goals and current struggles which will give me a better understanding of which areas to focus the most on.

Normally, you can book your strategy session as early as 1-2 weeks out depending on my calendar availability.

Kind Words From Past Clients

Tara is such an amazing resource - not just for info (and boy does she know her stuff) but also for inspiration and encouragement.

I had a website audit from Tara which was soo useful. She went through my home page giving me suggestions of not just what could be improved, but she also clearly explained why she was making the suggestion. Based on the feedback, I'll be making changes to my website and I know that it will flow so much better and convert higher.

Working with Tara has been a great experience! I love how she provided me with different ideas for my coaching packages and ways to deliver my coaching program! It's fantastic to have her guidance and support while working together!

Tara gave so many suggestions for tripwires and one-time offers. I've mapped out my emails, and can't wait to test them. As someone who generally tries to do everything myself - I KNOW for a fact I couldn't have done this myself.

Ready to get my eyes all over your business?