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The Best Ways to Find Pinterest Virtual Assistant Jobs

I have been a full-time Pinterest Manager for almost 3 years now, and one question I’m always asked about is, “where do you find clients?” I’ve written a few posts about finding clients, but I thought it would be helpful for anyone in the Pinterest VA or Pinterest Manager field, specifically on where to go to find the right clients.

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There are so many ways to find your perfect clients that need Pinterest services, here are the top ones that work for me:

Where to Find Pinterest Manager and Pinterest Virtual Assistant Jobs

First, stop calling it a job. You are looking for a client, not a job. You are working WITH a client, not FOR them! Changing that mindset is key to knowing your worth, your value, and finding those dream clients who don’t question your worth or value.

1) The Pinterest Post Community

My very FIRST Pinterest client came from this community and program. Within weeks of making the switch from Virtual Assistant to Pinterest VA, I had my first client for $600 USD per month! The Pinterest client leads shared in this community are of high quality. These are people who are ACTIVELY looking for a Pinterest VA and know the benefits of Pinterest for their business growth.

I’ve been a member for many years, and feel like I will always be. The client leads are beyond valuable and have been well worth the investment, but the community vibe is the icing on the cake.

If you are interested in joining the community or taking their Become a Pinterest VA program, I can’t recommend it enough. Especially if you are just making the leap into the Pinterest VA niche!

2) Sending Cold Pitch Emails

I’ve mentioned cold pitch emails on the blog a lot, and that’s because THEY WORK – if done correctly. I’ve gained a lot of clients and built relationships by sending cold pitch emails after finding their website or business. If I LOVE their vibe and content and notice their Pinterest presence is lacking or non-existent, I will send an email letting them know how I can help them.

There are a lot of no’s, but this method allows you to email businesses that are the type of businesses that you want to work with. The kind of businesses that bring you joy! Are you vegan? Find some food bloggers to reach out that you enjoy reading their blog and recipes. Focus on your own interests and hobbies when trying to find businesses to reach out to.

3) Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups can be a great option for finding new Pinterest clients. Don’t join a group just to find clients, though! You have to engage, build relationships, and provide value first. Where are your dream clients hanging out on Facebook? Try to join the groups they are in and engage with them. Show them how valuable Pinterest is without being promote-y or sales-y.

4) Referrals

Referrals are the BEST! Once you start gaining some clients, they can always refer you to someone else and promote you. That’s why it’s important to have great client communication and help them achieve their goals when it comes to Pinterest. If you deliver, clients will tell others about you!

After you’ve been working with a client for a while, you can even ask if they know of anyone that might be interested in your services, too.

Another great way that referrals can work is by building relationships with other service providers. I see jobs posted in Facebook Groups all the time that I tag my friends on that offer those types of services, it’s just a nice thing to do, and if they see one for Pinterest, they may return the favor.

5) Organic Leads

Organic leads come from organic traffic from search engines. In order to get organic leads, your website needs to be optimized for the keywords your clients are using when servicing for someone who does what you do. There is a lot of competition so having your website optimized is a must!

The first step to optimizing your Pinterest services website is to perform some keyword research. You want to optimize for keywords that have medium-high search volume but low-medium competition. Don’t try optimizing just for ‘pinterest manager’, there is likely too much competition for that generic search term. Choose keywords with a smaller search volume per month, but less competition. You can use a tool like UberSuggest to do some keyword research.

6) Content Marketing

Offering a freebie that will interest your target audience and getting them on your email list is a great way to build a relationship and nurture your audience. I created a Pinterest SEO Guide and a wedding photographer client welcome packet template for my target audiences. I initially focused my target market around wedding photographers, so creating something of interest just for them, was important in getting them subscribed to my email list.

Content marketing is a great way to grow your audience and have an email list full of potential leads.


What is your favorite way to find new clients? Share in the comments!


The Best Ways to Find Pinterest Virtual Assistant Jobs



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