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VIP Day Rates

What you need to take you from
unclear and overwhelmed
to client attraction magnet and
booked out service provider.

Want to know the secret sauce to getting clients?

There is a way to stop hustling for your next client and it's called organic content marketing.

Content marketing allows you to position yourself as an expert, let your content speak for you, and draw dream clients to you.

Ready to jump off the hustle bus?

When you book a VIP Day with me, you get my undivided magical marketing powers for an entire day.

And during our day together, you will…

It’s like someone waved a magic wand and took all of the “tomorrow” tasks off of your plate.

And now you get to sit back and do what you love each day.

here's your vip day options

content marketing vip day

Client Attracting Content

Get a custom converting content plan that attracts dream clients to you like bees to honey.

Investment: $3,000

seo vip day

Searches to Leads

Let's start getting you organic leads and traffic so you can stop hustling for your next client.

Investment: $3,000

blog content vip day

Blog Content Calendar
VIP Half Day

With this half day VIP experience you will walk away with a 6-month blog content calendar.

Investment: $1,500

I had the great pleasure to have a Creative VIP day with Tara and it was the best experience for this next phase of my business. Her knowledge, knowhow and creative genius instinctively knew just what I was hoping for (possibly read my mind even!) and created a beautiful website and gave me some tips on my business backend work that I could never repay. I would recommend working with her time and again - I can't wait until the next time we get the chance to work together. YOU MUST sign up for this opportunity. It is a gamechanger!

Client Attracting Content

Who it's for:

Service providers, coaches, and freelancers, who are tired of hustling to find clients and want marketing that not only works but is also sustainable for their business and personality.

What's included:

you want the goods?

If your current content isn't attracting clients (or not attracting the right clients)...

I'm here to help!

Searches to Leads

Your website is your biggest business asset, but it's not just about having a pretty site. Your site should be ranking for the right keywords and driving traffic (and leads) to you.

Who it's for:

Service providers, coaches, and freelancers, who want leads coming in on auto-pilot organically with a well optimized website that drives traffic.

What's included:

you want the goods?

Did you know... organic leads convert at a much higher rate.

Because they are already searching for you, they just can't find you!

Blog Content Calendar
VIP Half Day

Imagine having a 6-month content plan for your business that you (or your team) can easily create and implement. We start by doing in-depth market and keyword research to plan out the best content ideas for your specific business, industry, and audience.

After that, we will put together a 6-month blog content calendar including optimized post titles using the right keywords for organic traffic, as well as any accompanying ideas for lead magnets, social media posts, and email newsletters.

Who it's for:

Service providers, coaches, and freelancers, who want to tap into the power of blogging and organic content marketing to increase their visibility, expertise, and grow their audience.

What's included:

you want the goods?

how it works + my process:

Step 1:


Fill out the VIP application form to get the process started. I’ll review your information to make sure we’re a good fit to work together on your project. Once approved, I’ll send you an agreement, the invoice, and a calendar link to book your VIP day.

Step 2:

Book Your Day

While your VIP day is not an in-person event, you should pick a day where you will be available most of the day (11am – 4pm EST) for quick feedback or questions via email. Your prompt responses will make the day run much more smoothly so it’s important to pick a day that isn’t filled up with meetings.

Step 3:


About 3-7 days prior to your VIP day, we will have a pre-day strategy call (for full VIP days) to make sure we are all set for your day and are both on the same page for your project. You should also have submitted your pre-work questionnaire by this time.

Step 4:

It's Here!

Yay, your VIP day has arrived. Sit back and relax (while checking your email for any messages from me). I’ll dive in and focus only on your project for the entire day. At the end of the day, all deliverables and information will be delivered to you via email.

why you will love the vip day experience:




nice to meet you i'm tara

I’ve been an online entrepreneur since 2007 and have built several successful businesses over the years. I’ve also worn many hats over the years… social media manager, Pinterest manager, sales funnel strategist, website designer, virtual assistant, copywriter, business coach, content creator, and marketing specialist – just to name a few.

Now I’m going all-in with my creative experience and services with several VIP day services that are designed to help you.

Picture a Spa treatment for your business and a confidence booster for your mind, Expect to; relax, get pampered and feel completely re-energized! Book your VIP day! This is an amazing service, so many programs string people along, while Tara just delivers and over-delivers.

have questions?

Have another question? Send me an email or book a discovery call to chat about your project.

What happens if i need to reschedule my VIP day after it's booked?

We do a lot of prep work for each VIP day, but we understand things happen and we are happy to reschedule your day if needed.

If I fill out an application, am I confirming a spot?

No, your spot is confirmed with payment and booking a spot on my calendar. I use an application process so I can get to know your needs and be absolutely confident that I am the right person to help you with a VIP day.

Do I need to be available on the day I book?

Yes! Between 11 am – 4 pm EST preferably. You will be invited to a private Slack channel where I may need some feedback or have urgent questions as I work through our game-plan for the day. Delays can affect how our day flows, so it’s best if you’re available, at least for quick questions via Slack during those hours.

How much can we accomplish in a day?

This will vary by client. I can guarantee that I work fast, and we will have a ton of pre-work completed beforehand so that I’ll have everything I need to work even quicker on your VIP day.

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