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What Does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Do?

Pinterest is a fantastic platform for increasing your website traffic, even more so than social media. So, let’s talk about precisely what a Pinterest virtual assistant should do when it comes to managing client accounts and creating an effective Pinterest strategy.

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Not all Pinterest virtual assistants focus on the areas that they should be. That’s why I thought it was a good idea to write this post and outline the best practices for Pinterest virtual assistants.

When first starting with a new client, it depends on how established the client’s account is then. If the client is new to Pinterest, it requires a little bit more work, strategy, and planning to set up. If a client is more established already on Pinterest, it involves more of a Pinterest account audit to see what was already working and where things could be improved. Then you would create a plan moving forward.

What Does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Do?

Monthly Management as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

When it comes to monthly management, a Pinterest virtual assistant should be doing the following:

Reviewing the current strategy and analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t. Usually, this is done throughout the month and through monthly analytics reporting.

A Pinterest virtual assistant also manages scheduling, usually through Tailwind, because consistency is so important when it comes to Pinterest. For me personally, I typically try to schedule 1 to 2 weeks’ worth of pins at a time for my clients.

Creating new Pinterest boards, keyword research, pin descriptions, and pin designs are all additional tasks that a Pinterest virtual assistant will likely do every month.

Monitoring Tailwind Communities, submitting pins to Communities, reviewing how Communities are performing, finding new Communities to join are all Tailwind related tasks that a Pinterest virtual assistant might be doing for you as well.

Pinterest Marketing and Strategy

When it comes to Pinterest marketing and a Pinterest strategy, it’s always an ongoing thing. Every client is different. Their amount of content is different, and their needs are always different. As a good Pinterest virtual assistant, your goal should be doing what needs to be done for each individual client. 

For example, I have some clients that publish new content every week, and I have other clients that may only publish new content once a month. So, what I do is going to be different between these two client accounts, but the time would be the same. That’s because I would manage my time effectively and focus on any aspect that needs to be done for the client to have growth.

One other thing I should mention in regards to Pinterest virtual assistance is that monthly impressions and viewers should not be the focus. I’ve touched on it before about how your monthly viewer’s number is a vanity metric

What should be focused on is the clients own content and how many clicks they are generating from Pinterest to their website or blog. Those metrics are what is truly important and what needs to be monitored for the ongoing strategy.

If you are interested in hiring a Pinterest virtual assistant, please feel free to reach out and we can discuss your needs and see if we will be a fit to work together on your Pinterest marketing strategy. 

If you are just starting out as a Pinterest virtual assistant, I can’t recommend taking the Pinterest VA course enough. This course is amazing and will walk you through everything you need to know about managing a client’s account correctly and effectively so that they see results.

What Does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Do?


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