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What You Need On Your Virtual Assistant Website

As a new virtual assistant or someone who just hasn’t created an actual website yet this post is going to help you with what exactly your website needs and what clients are going to be looking for. I have been a service-based business for over six years now. And before that, I had an e-commerce based business for eight years. I also have a background in website design. 

More recently, I’ve started hiring a team of virtual assistants and service providers to help me grow my businesses. Through this process and reviewing hundreds of applicants for one position, I have discovered what clients look for and what you really need on your website to make it shine and showcase you in the way that you want to be showcased to your dream clients.


Do You Need a Website?

One question I’m asked a lot is if you actually do need to have a website. If you are at the very beginning of your virtual assistant journey, and you don’t have any clients yet, it’s not a hundred percent necessity, but it is very important. Once you have a couple of clients under your belt, I personally feel like a website helps you stand out. 

There is a lot of competition for virtual assistants and people that offer services to clients, especially if your main way of finding clients is applying to job opportunities. In Facebook groups, you are going to have a huge amount of competition and a website is a great way to help yourself stand out in the sea of applicants. Plus it’s not a huge yearly or monthly expense.

It’s something that I wouldn’t put off too long. If you need help with your website design and getting it set up, I would love to work with you. I also have virtual assistant website templates that work with Elementor and WordPress. They are very inexpensive, very easy to set up, and very easy to customize for your own business website. 


Website Platforms and Hosting

There is a lot of different website hosting platforms out there for you to choose from. There is Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, and Showit.

My personal favorite is WordPress. The amount of customizations and what you can do with your website is absolutely huge with WordPress. You can just create a simple one-page website right now. That’s all you really need. However, as your business grows and you scale – having a more advanced website with more content, WordPress allows you to grow as huge as you want to. And your website can grow along with you and your business. 

My website host is SiteGround and I definitely recommend them. Another option is BlueHost, which has very inexpensive plans as well to get you started on WordPress.


Buying Your Domain Name

The first step of building your virtual assistant website is to buy your domain name. This is very important and not something you want to forget to do, even if you’re not going to create your website in the next few weeks or the next few months. Securing and buying your domain name now means that nobody else will be able to snap it up from you. I purchase all of my domains through GoDaddy, but there are also other alternatives such as Namecheap



6 Things You Need For Your Virtual Assistant Website


1. Professional Design

You want your website to showcase who you are as a virtual assistant or service provider. You also want it to showcase your skills. While you are not likely a website designer, you want to give across a professional image and a great first impression to potential clients. 

You want them to land on your website and read about you and what you offer and want to work with you. If the design is not very pleasing to the eye, that might be a deal-breaker, and they may move along to somebody else. 

Like I mentioned, I do have my virtual assistant templates available. They are very inexpensive and can get your website up and running on WordPress within minutes.


2. Showcase Who You Are

Make sure that your About page showcases who you are as a service provider and what you can do for your clients. You want to give them a little bit of information about you, your values, who you are as a person, your experience, but then you also want to touch on what you can do for them. 

Let them imagine through your words on your website, what the working experience will be like when they decide to work with you as a client.

Tell them what problems you can solve for them!


3. Showcase Your Packages

Making sure that your packages are outlined and easy to understand for clients, especially ones who might not be tech-savvy, is very helpful. If you are getting a lot of questions from potential clients about your service packages once you get on a discovery call with them, that’s something that you might want to go back to your website and tweak so that it’s more clear on what exactly they will get with each package and what each line means.

Should you show your pricing on your website or not? That is another question that a lot of virtual assistants will ask. For me personally, because I am an introvert, I like avoiding discovery calls as much as possible. And having my pricing on my website allows me to avoid spending the time on discovery calls with people who just can’t afford my services. It’s just that we’re not a fit to work together at this point. So, I am respecting both of our times and laying it out for them on my website. 

When they do book a discovery call and we first chat about their business and how I can help them, they are already aware of my rates and approximately what it’s going to cost for them to work with me. Even if you have ‘starting at’ pricing for your packages, that is very helpful.

It’s about saving you time, saving potential clients time, and making sure that you’re set with your prices. Another reason why I love having my pricing outlined on my website right off the bat is so a client can’t get on a call with me and try to push down my pricing. I can just refer back to my website for how much, what they’re asking for is going to cost. And I don’t have to go back and forth with anyone who is trying to negotiate my set rates and packages.


4. Showcase Your Work

Showcase your work, especially if you are in a creative or design field, you definitely want to showcase some of your past work.

As a newer virtual assistant, it’s great to do a couple of trial projects or free small projects, just so you can have something to showcase on your website portfolio. Most times with clients, you can’t actually showcase their work on your website because of the contract or agreement that you’ve signed.

That’s why starting with a couple of trial projects as a new virtual assistant is a great way to test your work, your systems, and gives you an opportunity to get some work that you can use in a portfolio. 

If you are an admin virtual assistant, it’s a little tricky to showcase your skills. One way that you can do that is to, instead of showcasing past client work, you can make sure to list out all of the systems, tools, and apps that you have experience with and are familiar with. 


5. Showcase Client Testimonials

Testimonials allow you to have social proof of past working relationships, and nothing is better than showing a potential client how great you are to work with. 

Any time you work with a new client and have a great working relationship, always ask them for a testimonial so that you can have them to add to your website.


6. Make It Easy to Contact You

Make it easy to contact you! This one should be obvious, but I recently went through over 400 applicants for one role on my team. It was really hard to find a method of contact that didn’t involve me booking a call. I didn’t want to book a call. I wanted to have a contact form or an email address. 

So make sure you give potential clients multiple ways on your website to reach you and contact you. Whether that is a link to your Instagram account so they can direct message you, your email address, a contact form, and a button to go right ahead and book a discovery call. Don’t just have one option, make it easy for the client who wants to work with you to work with you.


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