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Why You Need a Blog On Your Website

Have you heard the phrase ‘content is king’? There is a reason why that phrase is so popular – because it is true! There are several reasons why you should consider adding a blog to your website and all of them benefit you and your business. Read on for the best reasons why you should start blogging.

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Why You Need a Blog on Your Website

1. It’s a Way to Connect With Your Audience

Social media is an amazing way to connect with your audience, but blogging is an even better way. Social media tends to be urgent, quick and limited when it comes to the amount of content your audience will read. When someone is reading a blog post, however, they are interested in actually reading and spending time on your site. This time spent will help them get more familiar with your business, your brand, your story, and your products which is an amazing way to convert a reader into an engaged customer or client.

Connections are key when it comes to running an online business. Customers can’t meet you or see your products in person, so blogging allows them another way to feel authentically connected to you.

2. It Shows You Know What You are Selling

Blogging isn’t just for service-based businesses, a product-based business can connect with their audience in the same way and show their knowledge of their product and what their audience will be interested in reading. There are so many topics and content you could write about for any business and as long as it connects to your target audience, you’re golden!

As an example, if I have a handmade jewelry business, I might write some blog articles on how to care for jewelry, different gemstone properties and info, fashion guides, makeup articles or roundups, etc.

If I sew and sell baby clothing, I could write any number of motherhood or parenting topics that my audience would love to read!

As you can see, similar to social media success, blogging success will involve how well you know your target audience and understanding what would be of interest to them.

3. It Helps Improve Your SEO

If you are looking to improve your organic search engine traffic blogging is one of the best ways to do that! Google loves new content and they love when your website has updates and new URLs to share. This will give your domain more authority in Google’s eyes and mean your pages could start ranking higher in search.

You want to make sure you are optimizing any blog posts you write, too. Think about a few keyword phrases that are important to their article, topic, and your business. Your goal with writing blog posts is to connect to your audience, turn them into customers and funnel them to your shop.

4. Content Creation is an Excellent Marketing Tool

I’m always saying that you need to be sharing content on social media and Pinterest that isn’t just product photos and links, blogging is the best way to do that. Incorporating your blog posts into your social media and Pinterest marketing strategies is an awesome idea that will help grow your audiences on those channels, too, which is a win-win scenario for your business!

How to Blog If You Aren’t a Writer

Not everyone is comfortable writing and that’s okay. You don’t need to be a professional writer to start writing blog posts, as long as they are free of grammatical errors and easy to read, they will still improve your website and marketing strategy through the points listed above. I strongly recommend using an app like Grammarly for your writing.

If you struggle with writing consistent blog content, another option is to hire a freelance writer to write a few posts for you each month! If you find the perfect person they will be able to capture your brand voice and write even better-optimized articles. If you’d like to hire me as a blog writer or editor, please feel free to reach out and we can discuss your needs and ideas!

In Conclusion

Adding a blog on your website can seem overwhelming but my best advice is to take it slow. First, come up with a handful of topics that your audience would be interested in reading and that you are interested in writing. From there plan to write and publish 1-4 blog posts per month (minimum of 500 words per post) and incorporate them into your marketing strategy. I promise you will start to see some results, either through a more engaged audience or through organic search traffic.

Why You Should Start Blogging

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