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3 Elements of the Perfect Pin Design

Did you know that Pinterest is a visual search engine and not a social media platform? Many people get it wrong but Pinterest is very similar to Google, just more visual! Both of these search engines work on the same base and that’s by using keywords to find the information needed. Although there is much more to Pinterest than just posting pictures and the platform is a go-to place for all the creative people and marketers!

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Let’s dive in and walk you through the three elements of the perfect pin design that can get you increased traffic on your website and more eyes on your pins!


Elements of the Perfect Pin Design for Pinterest

Visuals Matters

First thing you see when you open your Pinterest feed are pictures! However, these pictures are not the same as you would post on your Instagram. Pinterest has its own style of how good pins should look like.

One of the main recommended styles is posting vertical pictures. Vertical pins are doing significantly better than the horizontal ones, and they won’t get lost in the feed unlike horizontal pins that are smaller and less visible. Another reason why vertical pins are getting more attention is that most of the pictures on Pinterest have a text layover and the vertical pictures are more convenient for adding text on. One more tip would be to use pictures without the faces rather than the ones with faces. They generally perform better and you can use one of the many stock photos from websites like Pixabay, Unsplash or Canva!

I would definitely recommend creating several pin designs or templates that compliment your brand and use these for all your pins. This way you will save your time and all you need to do is to change the pictures and re-write the text every time you are creating new ones. Canva is a great platform for creating pins and it has already set up dimensions for your pins. Easy to use, all your pin designs in one place and no fees for the basic version (which is usually fine for creating pins unless you want to use advanced graphics).

The three most important things when it comes to pictures are the layout, font, and size, but then there is a background, illustrations, design elements that are also important. Clear, focused, and nice images go without a say. But when it comes to layout and text overlay, there are several things to consider but remember that less is sometimes more.

Most of the pins comprise of either two pictures divided by the text in between or one long picture with text on it. The layout can be adjusted to what you want it to look like just make sure that the text is easy to read and the font stands out! Write eye-catching text that will make people want to click on it or repin it. The text should be readable, bold, and clear to be seen. The text color should complement the image and it should have a nice flow. Keep in mind that most of the users use Pinterest on their phones, so make your design stand out!



Title is Important

Title on your picture but also the title of your pin should talk to the same audience and have a clear message that you want to send out. Be specific on what you communicate and how you communicate it with your audience. When someone looks at your pin, they should know exactly what it is about and it should grab their attention straight away. Moreover, pin title is searchable and it should include specific keywords that your target audience is searching for. So, for example, if your pin is about the best coworking spaces in Thailand, whoever will search for coworking spaces in Thailand, your pin will show up under this category.

Caption Counts

Every pin has a description available with up to 500 characters, and it’s only up to you whether you use it to your advantage or just ignore it! The description is a great place to explain to people what your article or video is about and why they should click on the link to know more! Include popular keywords and key phrases that people usually search for, for the chance to appear in the search and get more exposure to your content. Make it interesting, exciting and informative. Last but not least, make sure to include a link to the website or blog where you want to direct people and call to action to let them know what action you want them to take next!

And that’s a wrap! These were the 3 main elements of the perfect pin design that can help you boost your Pinterest profile! Pinterest as a visual network is a place to be in 2020 if you want to promote your creative business and with its increased popularity, there are plenty of opportunities to increase your reach and website traffic! You just need to take some time and experiment with what’s working well and what’s not performing that good. That way, you will be able to choose the best pin designs and create pins from your already pre-made templates.

“On Pinterest, keywords get you found and graphics get you clicked!”


I found this quote by Cara Chance and I can only agree! Clickable pin graphics need to include specific and relevant keywords through which people can find you but you also have to create an eye-catching pin that will make people want to click on the link and know more! So remember – visuals, title, and caption!

Go to your Pinterest and look for these 3 elements in yours or someone else’s pins. Do they include all of these elements or are they missing anything important? Give it a thought.

I would love to know what’s the most challenging part for you – creating pins (visuals) or writing title and description? Let me know below in the comments!


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