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Organize Your Business: A Look Inside My Asana Project Workflow

I love organization, and I love creating workflows for my business and client projects. Maybe it’s because I always have a million things on the go, and I have a pretty bad memory, but I love keeping lists. Asana is my go-to project management tool, and I use it to literally organize my life!

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I’m excited to share with you a little bit about how I use Asana to organize my business completely. Every business is different, but it might give you some ideas on how you can organize and systemize your processes a little bit easier.

Organize Your Business: A Look Inside My Asana Project Workflow

My Main Business Project Boards:

Here is how I have my business project boards laid out in Asana, and some of the topics that they cover:

  • Recurring Tasks – I set repeating tasks on this board for things that have to happen monthly, quarterly, or yearly. I have a task set up monthly to add my income and expenses to Quickbooks. I also have one to set goals for the quarter, set goals for each month, and review goals each month.
  • VA & SM Client Projects – I create columns by month, so I always have an overview of all of my monthly client projects and services for the month.
  • Virtual Assistant Tasks – A project board to assign tasks to my new virtual assistant.
  • Editorial Calendar – My editorial calendar houses my blog content schedule, email marketing schedule. It used to hold my social media calendars, too, but I’ve decided to move them into scheduling platforms directly for the time being.
  • Affiliate List – I’ve created a project board just for my affiliate links, so they are easily accessible if I am writing a blog post.
  • Workflow Templates – This project houses all of my general workflow templates that I can copy to other applicable boards when I need to use them (for example, my blog post workflow, email newsletter workflow, client onboarding workflow)
  • Amazon Hustlers Course – Content and video recording plan for my course
  • Client Payments – I recently set up a new project here that I can easily view in calendar format to see when client payments will be coming throughout the month. I’ve found it helps to have everything in one spot when I’m planning expenses.

My Client Boards:

One thing I also use Asana for is to organize my client tasks and paperwork. I find it helps not only keep me organized, but it allows my clients to have access to the board and always be able to see what I’m working on or planning to work on.

Here is my process:

  • I create a new team in Asana for my client’s business
  • I create a new project board under that team
  • Depending on the project, I’ll add several columns:
    • Business Info and Assets – link to their website, our agreement, their logo files or branding info, etc.
    • Analytics Reports – for social media and Pinterest management I always send monthly analytics reports to my clients, but I also add them here to so they can more easily be accessed in the future
    • To-Do List – this is where I add all my tasks, assign them to myself so they show on my main calendar in Asana
    • Ideas and Brainstorming
    • Archived/Completed – I move tasks here from the to-do list every so often so that column isn’t cluttered
  • Then I invite my client to the team, so they have access to the board. Most clients don’t add content to the board and prefer to do that via email, but they can add things if they want, or they can view it at any time to see what’s happening.

Here is a look at one of my Pinterest client’s boards:

My Client Workflow in Asana


Do you have any other tips or ways you are using Asana for business? Share in the comments!


Organize Your Business using Asana



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