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3 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Growing Your Pinterest Profile

Pinterest is basically like Google for creatives, artists and bloggers. From the time that Pinterest first rolled out to now, you’ll find that the platform has evolved as a business advertising platform and as a way for bloggers and freelancers to promote their creative services. 

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Pinterest has an advertising platform where you can promote your blog as well as offering short video clips for those of you who prefer video over static pins. 

Going forward in 2020 Pinterest is slightly changing the platform, updating its technology and increasing usability to assist people like you (entrepreneurs + creatives) who need to market both their services and those of their clients. 

The basics of social media marketing including consistency, providing value, and ultimately being creative will get you off the ground running but if you want to scale your business and increase website traffic in 2020 check out these 3 secret tips to grow your Pinterest profile. 

Theme’s + Seasons

Pinterest is largely a visual platform. At this time you’ll notice winter themes and as a small business owner, there’s no reason not to get in on the fun and creativity. Especially since it having a monthly or seasonal theme will make your profile more appealing which ultimately leads to more website traffic. 

Part of picking themes relies on your social media marketing strategy and business goals. Decide which content topics you want to focus on and brand your business accordingly. 

Using gifs, stickers and even short video clips that match the current season will make your pins more appealing. Especially when thinking about your boards. 

Optimize Your Boards

This tip is the most important tip in this entire blog. As mentioned, Pinterest is basically a huge search engine. 

The only way to get your Pinterest Profile to grow in 2020 is to actually take the time to optimize your board. After choosing your themes you’ll be ready to find keywords that people in your niche or your consumers are looking for. 

Be sure to do your research to see which keywords and phrases are being used by your target audience. 

Here’s a great example: if you want to post content on how to become a virtual assistant you would use the following keywords and phrases when naming your boards, “How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business, Become a Virtual Assistant from Home” and other similar keywords/phrases.


Pinterest Marketing Tips

Get Social

Similar to how you need to be social by commenting and interacting with your audience on any other social media platform Pinterest requires the same thing, just in a different way. 

The more pins you post, the more boards you create and save the better off your profile will be. 

Pinterest awards those users who are actively on the platform consistently. Before creating pins and new boards really try to get in the mind of your ideal audience. What information do they need to see from you to bring in more website traffic to your business?


Invites From Other Platforms

There’s no easier way to build a Pinterest following than optimizing your other platforms (including blog and website) with shareable content. Simply asking your Facebook fans and Instagram followers to go over and follow you on Pinterest or to save a pin is a great place to start. 

You can even utilize your email list and tell your email list about your Pinterest profile, new boards, and new pins that they should check out and share with others who could use your valuable content. 

You can add links to your Pinterest profile in each social media bio or to a specific board that you’re trying to promote. 

Ads Are Amazing Too!

Having an ad strategy becomes essential when you want to build and scale your business using Pinterest. Growing your Pinterest profile can be done seamlessly by running continuous ads at a lower budget. 

This way you always get website traffic, grow your brand presence and build a large following rather quickly (assuming you’ve optimized your Pinterest and created high-quality pins)

Do you plan on focusing on Pinterest more in 2020? Let me know down below!


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