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Why You Should Consider Writing Guest Blogs

You have been busy, growing your brand – writing some engaging blogs – engaging on your social media accounts. Doing all the steps to keep your message out in the “cosmos” as you know it should be. 

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Is there more you can do? Could you have other options to get your message out there that doesn’t actually mean you have to spend more advertising dollars? Now that is something to consider!

While you are busy writing your own content, have you ever considered putting your writing out in other areas? Local Magazines – Local Industry newsletters or even, on a local chamber of commerce website blog. All amazing opportunities to promote your point of view, expertise and be able to promote your own feeds while sharing nuggets to a larger audience.

The return on the investment of your time is a 2-way street – for you and for the person you are writing for. This is an opportunity for you both to grow from each other’s networks as well with the sharing of experiences and knowledge. The other part of the reciprocation would be of having guest bloggers on your site as well.

Why You Should Write Guest Blog Posts

The 3 best ways to make this a success is to:

  1. Create a Bio about yourself and your business that showcases your authority and create a means of engagement with the audience you are writing for.
  2. Do your best to reference articles or other writings that the publication has shared that ties into your subject.
  3. Remember to create calls to action from your readers – ask for comments – this opens the door for you to create a more personal interaction to not only grow the following to the publication you chose but possibly get the reader to seek you out as well!

Now, there are many articles out there that can help you plan, create a procedure, and implement with success. From how to link the articles, to how to ensure the SEO helps you be seen as well how to even seek the opportunities.

In my mind, it only allows you the opportunity to grow, learn, and improve your messaging and craft. Outside of the obvious network growth, this also increases your comfort level in how you will share and what information is best shared as to bring your ideal clients and followers closer to you! As an introvert, this challenge is one that is easy to swallow as you are sharing your voice with someone you trust – be it the publication or a person whom you respect who recommended you give this a try!

Don’t forget, encourage your publication to have some interaction with it – maybe they have a lead magnet that could be linked to assist both parties? Something that you could partner with down the road that will grow both your engagements in another way or direction? Could there be a sponsorship opportunity for your future plans for a podcast? Or if you choose to start your own publication outside of your blog? Some reasons to keep your business relationship open and friendly. Just a couple more things to think about for future plans.

Now if this doesn’t get your thoughts and ideas flowing, I don’t know what would!

The sky could be the limit and it is a (relatively easy) opportunity that you cannot miss out on!


Why You Should Consider Writing Guest Blogs



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