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4 Tips to Help Create Content Consistently for Your Blog

Are you finding yourself inconsistent with writing your blog posts? Or are you feeling a lack of creativity and don’t know how to overcome it? I know the feeling!

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It’s the same with social media. You should be consistent with your content, and it requires your invested time to see some results. We can get caught up in so many other things that need to be done, and we struggle to set aside time to create captivating blog posts and just keep pushing it week after week. Does that sound familiar? That’s why it’s important to create a strategy that will ease your mind and get you more organized. I will share here 4 tips that will help your content consistency, so read carefully.

Set goals + deadlines for blog content 

Setting your goals makes it easier to be consistent and to stay on top of your plans. Deadlines help you stay on track and know exactly when you want to have content written by. You can set up both long-term and short-term goals to keep yourself motivated and also have a better outlook for the upcoming months. 

You can use one of the project management software that can help you keep track of all the tasks, and it can be used as your online to-do list. For example Asana, Monday or ClickUp are great tools for creating a content calendar for including all your blog posts ideas, word count, setting up a deadline or even assigning it to someone, if you have a team member. By using content or editorial calendar, you will have an overview of everything that’s happening and you can have all the content planned in advance.

Work in batches to get a certain collection of content created

If your blog is divided into different topics, work in batches to get a similar type of content done at once. So let’s say you want to write a blog post about how to create a perfect pin but also about how Pinterest can help you promote your Etsy shop, do it at once. You’ll do all the keyword and other research at the same time, and it will save your time, eventually. 

Another way of batching a collection of content would be to take a day and only research headlines, keywords, and one topic that is related to several blog posts. It will increase your productivity and stop you from doing the same thing over again. Think about other tasks that you could batch together and save yourself plenty of time. 

4 Tips to Help Create Content Consistently for Your Blog

Automate your scheduling through using an app

Planning your content in advance can save you a lot of time, but scheduling it can save you a lot of stress and going back and forth. You can either schedule it within WordPress or Squarespace, depending on which platform you’re using. However, there are also some other scheduling apps like Hootsuite that you can use to automate the scheduling of your content.

Outsource some of the work 

You should work smarter, not harder, right? Do you want to hear my honest recommendation? Hire out! You can either hire a ghost blog writer when someone is writing under your name or freelance writers that get their name featured on your blog. Now, I know it might be hard to let go of some work on your blog since the blog might be your baby and you put in so much work, but by hiring someone who can write in your tone of voice takes so much of your plate, and it gives you extra time to focus on other activities related to your business. Keep in mind that a new team member can bring a new perspective into your writing and bring in some new ideas.


I hope these were helpful, and your strategy is strong or slightly adjusted after reading this! To sum it up, 4 key tips that will help you create consistent content for your blog starts with setting up goals and deadlines to have a clear overview of your content, being efficient and productive by working in batches, using a scheduling app to have your content planned in advance, and lastly outsourcing some work to give yourself more time for other important activities around your business.

Which of these tips do you find most helpful? Let me know in the comments below.


4 Tips to Help Create Content Consistently for Your Blog


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