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7 Ways to Show Up on Instagram as a Virtual Assistant When Looking for Dream Clients

Are you looking for your potential clients on Instagram? If you are a virtual assistant and your answer is no, you should definitely start from today! You might want to use more platforms when looking for clients, but Instagram can be very powerful if you’re using it the right way! There are many ways how to become more visible to your target audience and promote your services. Take full advantage of all the benefits that social media has to offer to find those dream clients you are looking for. 

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With ever-growing competition in a virtual assistant world, you have to find the way how to differentiate yourself and how to show up and present yourself in an online world. Decide on a niche in which your dream clients are and show them they need your help even though they might not even know about it yet. Combine regular posts, everyday stories, and use IGTV and LIVE videos.

I wrote down some tips on how you can stand out from the crowd and promote your business to its full potential!

Be authentic

Being authentic can go a long way and build trust. One thing is to show up on your Instagram, but the next one is to actually be yourself and be authentic. Talk the way you would normally talk to others. Share content that you can relate to and share your experiences within your expertise. People want to see the face behind the business, they want to know who they are dealing with, so get online on your stories, too! Whether you will make some mini trainings on a story or IGTV, talk about your day, or give useful tips through posts. All of it can help you build a community and attract your dream clients. 

Talk about the benefits of your work

What’s a better way of showing up than showing what you do and what’s your why. Show up as an expert! Talk about how your work can be beneficial for your potential clients and how you can help them. Content that you share should be related to the topics that are important to know about when doing business like yours. Be confident and show you have the skills and knowledge in everything that your dream client might need help with. Some clients might be actually looking at your personality first and then your experience, so make it shine!

Have some social proof

Having social proof can be very helpful when looking for new clients. Share your testimonials on Instagram and save them to one of your highlights. This way anyone who will come to your profile will be able to see the outcome of your work and people recommending you. Moreover, people, in general, like to see some of your previous work and results that you’ve already developed. 

You can also connect and team up with other virtual assistants to help each other out. Talk about what services you offer, what kind of clients you are looking for and spread the word. Tagging each other in job posts, DMing people, or referencing each other to potential clients is great for promoting your business. Networking is a powerful way of getting new clients, so don’t underestimate it and tell people in your circle about what you do too. They might meet someone who will need your services and can recommend you.


Be active and consistent

Consistency is the king! Utilize your Instagram to ensure you are proactive and consistent with your posting. You don’t need to post every single day to be seen but always think about why you want to post every so often or why every day. Justify your why and the purpose of each post/story and be intentional. However, it’s good to stick to the same days every week, so your audience knows when to expect more content from you. Share all your exciting news, tell people about yourself and your business. Share anything that can be helpful for others!

By spending a certain amount of time on your Instagram every day, it allows you to share snippets of your day but also posts that will bring value to your audience. Instagram will reward you with higher reach and your audience will very likely expand.

Be engaging 

Engagement and being active on Instagram go hand in hand. By engaging with other accounts, you show people that you are interested in what they’re sharing and you can connect with new people! Reach out to people and ask questions you are interested in, comment more than just an emoji or one-word response. Ask for their opinion. Showing up and engaging with others is very beneficial for others’ accounts but also on your own. Reply to messages, comments, send DM’s to your new followers. There are many options but it all boils down to the fact that you care about people’s opinions and that you appreciate the time they took to comment on your content. 

You can also engage with your dream client before you approach them by posting an insightful and valuable comment. It’s like saying hello to the person, saying I’m here and I like what you do! Get to know them better through their posts and stories, so once you approach them, you already know their brand voice and what they do. It also helps to get a clear idea of how you can help them with their business.

Use relevant hashtags 

How is your hashtag game? Do you know what hashtags to use? 

Relevant keywords AKA hashtags play a big role in the Instagram world, and they can be a very effective part of your strategy. Using the right hashtags that are related to your photo/video and post can make your post be seen by more people. When posting, think about what hashtags would your dream client use or what would be the hashtags that they would search for. Develop a few sets of hashtags that you will be updating every now and then. Try to avoid too generic hashtags and use more specific ones that fit the content you are posting. 


Have you tried that yet? Combining a variety of above tips and showing up on posts, stories, IGTV, and Lives can be great for you to see what’s working and what you should revise. You might see that some hashtag sets are performing better than others or that your stories are performing exceptionally if you talk about a specific topic or you use a location/hashtag sticker.


To sum up, Instagram can be a very powerful platform for promoting your virtual assistant business and for showing up as an expert in your niche. You should try different ways of targeting your dream clients and be open to experimenting with some of the above tips to see what’s working or what needs to be changed. You should definitely keep it authentic, stay active and consistent with your profile, engage with other accounts, use the right hashtags, share your testimonials, and tell people how your services can benefit potential clients. Always bring value to your audience and share things that can be helpful for others.


How to Use Instagram as a Virtual Assistant to Find Dream Clients



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