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4 Ways to Make an Email Newsletter More Enticing For Your Audience

As a business, having a great marketing plan, an amazing team, bullet-proof services/products, and overall goals are all part of the business model. But have you thought more about creating a mailing list – to further grow your outreach and possibly use it as a method to keep your “fans” informed on the growth of your business?

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The question is, how do you make it enticing? How do you keep people from “unsubscribing”? Let’s break that down into 4 actionable steps:

1. Create Content that your audience will appreciate and want to read about!

By making sure that this newsletter keeps your audience informed – be it about new template opt-ins, business growth, or about products/services you are promoting. This will keep your audience engaged. 

Sometimes, by doing a “how-to” article and giving a piece of the process could keep them coming back for more! 

Look at the newsletters you read without fail – what draws you in each week/month. How do they present the content to you to keep you reading? Are they heavy on industry-specific topics? Are they general knowledge? 

Something to think about!

2. Engaging, Obvious Content.

By being intentional with your content, you will grow your list. Be careful, methodical, and thoughtful on the content you share – but be obvious. They are wanting these updates from you to be particular to your business – be it industry, the business itself, or yourself.

Don’t send out content that doesn’t relate at all! You can send out original content all the time, but sometimes it is hard to fill that newsletter with just original – find some industry articles that supplement your message, this helps engage your readers and helps them to think of you as their go-to-expert for all things that they wish to know.

3. Context is KEY

When you start writing your newsletter, make sure you keep your content in context. Decide on the formality of your newsletter – do you want more conversational or more formal. It all comes down to the audience you are trying to engage in.

Don’t send out a formal newsletter full of jargon to your clients unless they are as involved in the industry as you – same as if you are a voice to other industry experts, being too informal isn’t the way to go either. 

That will help you grow your list depending on how you figure out your context.

4 Ways to Make an Email Newsletter More Enticing For Your Audience

4. Design to your Brand and Audience at the same time

Sending out a newsletter is more than just a google doc that has been made colorful with your fonts. There has to be some design to it – you need to have your logos, colors, and an overall layout that speaks to the message you want to convey.

Now you don’t have to be a big pile of conflicting graphics. There are some amazing templates out there to start with. From there, you can start customizing your newsletter as you grow, change, and evolve.

Wondered how to get started? Here is a great list of templates to start with, as well you could also hire a virtual assistant who is fluent in newsletters and copy that could help you design one as well. They can help you layout the content, work on the branding side, and ensure that there is consistent messaging each week/month as you move forward.


The other thing to consider is the software you wish to use to grow that list. To start, you may want to start with free software – but check out the fine print. Sometimes, even unsubscribed members will account for how many names are on your list – therefore possibly pushing you into a paid subscription before you are ready.

I have had a lot of success with ConvertKit when it comes to my own email list – I have tried others, but I find this one works for my branding, messaging, and business.

Wrapping up…

Growing a newsletter/email list, like blogging, doesn’t have to be super complicated or expensive or difficult. Start simple! Just figure out what you need to convey to your audience. How do you want to keep in contact with them? 

Don’t be afraid to hire someone to help you launch it – with set up, procedures, and initial delivery of your content – use their knowledge, skills, and abilities to get the “hard work” done so that it takes very little time each month to send your messages out to your audience.

With these tips to help, was there anything not covered? How did you decide how to start your newsletter/email list? What is your go-to software to send it out? ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, or good old-fashioned manual email?

Would love to read about them in the comments below!




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