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4 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block as a Blogger

We all start out with amazing motivation, endless topics, and excitement when we start out writing blogs. Whether it is content for us or for guest blog opportunities – it feels like there are never reasons to run out of great content to write about. But it does happen.

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There can be many reasons why writer’s block presents itself:


There are times when you just cannot put words to paper – be it a distraction, be it personal issues or just the fact that you cannot find the time to actually get the words to paper.


When you are just afraid to put your ideas down, put them out there for the world to see and possibly criticize or polarize your audience unintentionally. This is often the main reason why writers never start. There is also the fear of impostor syndrome as well.


Sometimes your own self-criticism and censorship can be your own undoing! You could read and edit till the “cows come home” but sometimes, that also can prevent you from you actually just putting out the content and letting the response happen.

So if you have identified yourself in any of these, you don’t have to worry – there are methods, strategies and just plain tips to help you overcome them!



4 Creative Beginning Ways to Unblock Writer’s block:


Have you ever considered doing something fun? Play with Legos – work on an Adult Colouring Book, work on a craft (Cricut anyone?) or even Cooking a new recipe you have been dying to try. Do something that will help you reset and get inspiration – this will help you reset that “block” in your mind.

Change your Environment

This has many meanings – have you thought about rearranging your writing space? Working in a Co-work Space or even go to your local Coffee Shop and just take inspiration from life around you. By just changing your perspective, this could help you write out some subjects that you had on your bullet list!

Go Outside or Exercise

Put your earbuds in and go for a walk, go for a jog – physically move. By getting the blood moving, you are resetting your mind, your body, and your perspective as well. The endorphins pumping help your creative parts of your brain create inspiration, and also could help get rid of the extra energy that could be part of the reason you aren’t able to get words to the page.


All the greats seem to have routines as well, how they start their day – how they approach the methodology of writing – even as extreme as the colors they wear. Though you may or may not want to be as consistent as wearing a certain color or clothing option. Sometimes, having a bit of discipline (i.e. shutting all distractions on DND, or restricting yourself to certain writing blocks of time) may help you get your ideas out on paper (or on-screen) to share with your audience.

The important thing to remember when putting words to paper is consistency. By continually trying to keep your voice out there to your audience (that is the reason they follow you!) it only means that these sessions of “block” will become less and less of a situation. Even if you start your process by recording your thoughts on audio, this can help you as you move forward with content as we all know, sometimes saying it can be easier than writing it? Just another way to approach your process too!

OR, another option could be to write something fun! Think like you are back in school, having to write a book report – why not just write something unrelated – this could get you over this block too by releasing the need for specific content related to your audience/business.

Why not make some short notes and keep it for when you can put it down. You could always ask a guest writer to help you for a few weeks (sure there is a cost to this) but isn’t this the lesser evil compared to not sharing at all?

The biggest thing to remember is by just waiting for “inspiration to strike”, you are doing yourself, your business, and your audience a disservice. If after all of these tips or ideas, you cannot get what you want to say out, don’t stress about it. By putting pressure on yourself, you will only make this writer’s block harder to overcome.


What other ways have you discovered to help you get over Writer’s Block? I would love to hear them in case they are the next breakthrough I need!



4 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block as a Blogger



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