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6 Ways to Find Inspiration for Content When Writing Your Blog Posts

Week after week, month after month – writing blogs can both be satisfying and daunting at the same time – particularly when topics become harder to come up with. A great content calendar can help you in this, as it helps in the planning and give focus in case you are trying to incorporate launches and promotions within your content. But what happens when you just need the inspiration to write your next post, unrelated to a product or service?

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We have rounded up 6 Ways to Find Inspiration for Content When Writing Your Blog Posts to help you if you happen to hit a rut or are even just starting out as well!

#1: Use the “Poll” feature on your Instagram to see what your audience wants to hear from you

We could just start truly simple! Poll your audience. Ask them what content they want to hear from you. Sometimes, what they give you as a subject could be something that you never considered before, or remind you of another post that you wrote that could be expanded upon. These are your readers/listeners. They know what they need to hear from you about – just keep it simple and ask them!

#2: Keep an Ideas file on your phone or in a safe spot when that idea strikes

Sometimes, like a new product or service, inspiration just sparks within you, but it doesn’t mean you are ready to work through the steps yet. Keep a list on your phone, on your Evernote app, or even in an old school journal. When you are needing direction or a theme, refer back to your notes and see what you write about. That isn’t to say you just put a “Title” and call it done, sometimes, writing a few keywords around it or as you think of them adding them to your notes, can help you when you are ready to work on that subject.

#3: Write about a current trend, whether it’s in your niche or it’s still relevant (use Google Trends to lookup)

By utilizing this tool, Google Trends, or similar – it might give you the idea or inspiration to speak about something that is relevant in the current climate. Be it the current health crisis we are in (speaking to how your business can help/is affected and how you are strategizing around it) to other up and coming “trending” topics. This might help you get direction on how you want to approach your next article.

6 Ways to Find Inspiration for Content When Writing Your Blog Posts

#4: Use past blog posts and go more in-depth

The next direction could be taking a previous blog and either part of a subject or the entire subject and update it for a new methodology, trend, or direction your business has gone in. There could be the ability to update a previous theory or update based on new information since you last published.

You could also take the previous blog and respin it for current market trends? Maybe it fits a new product/service launch that you are working on? Repurposing content is a strong way to not only expand your existing reader base but also give new life to the content again.

#5: Tell your story (What you’ve learned?, Advice You Have for Others, Why Did you Start?)

Another simple way to write is to write your own story. Have you actually shared your story? It could be the inspiration another person could need to follow their dreams as you have. By breaking down your own story, it is also an opportunity to reflect on all the hard work you have done to date, showing you how you succeeded and learned from mistakes. It is also a chance for you to review where you have landed in your vision and where you might want to go next.

This is also a chance for you to share anything that another could learn from in the sense of implementation, research, resources, etc. Not only does it amplify your authority, but it also creates a stronger market/industry that you work within – thus shedding light on your niche at the same time.

#6: Interview someone who inspires you in your industry (write them an email to see if they’d like to do an interview with you)

You could also take the time to interview others in your industry – its a great chance to learn for your business but also for you to be able to grow your following in other networks. This person could be someone you admire – could be a guru in your industry – could be that someone interviews you to pull the gems out of your own mind.


Now, these aren’t an exhaustive list of what you could do, but these are things I have done to further get inspiration on where to take my blog as well. What other ways could you find further inspiration? How have you kept the content flowing? I would love to hear if we missed anything. I also would love to hear if this has helped as well!


6 Ways to Find Inspiration for Content When Writing Your Blog Posts



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