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4 Signs That a Potential Client Isn’t for You

We’ve all been there! Having a client that doesn’t communicate well and who is not cooperating. The client that doesn’t value your work and that drives you crazy and draining your energy! It’s annoying, I know! That’s why I wrote these 4 signs that scream this potential client isn’t the right fit for you! Read it carefully!

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Not Respecting Your Time

People say time is money! I would say wasted time could be used for some other productive tasks or for something better. If it makes you money, even better! Let’s say if you set up a discovery call with a potential client and they never show up or they are running late without letting you know, it’s a first red flag out there. You could do so many other things but instead, you are trying to contact the person and unsure what’s happening. This might be also influencing your time schedule. Your time is precious and whoever is wasting it is not worth it. Of course, there are some exceptions when there is a valid reason behind being late but in most cases, it’s just people not being punctual.

Not Seeing the Value in What You Do

If you explain your potential client all the tasks, you would do for them and talk about benefits of how it will help them and your experience, they will be happy to work with you and pay you the normal rate that you charge because they understand the value in your services and what they get out of it.  However, if they still have questions like why are you charging so much and why is the turnaround time taking a certain amount of time for tasks, it’s a big NO-NO! A client that will want to work with you because of YOU, will not complain about all your offerings. All the other potential clients that are trying to set their own terms and conditions are really not worth your time.



Wanting to Micromanage You

Do they want tabs on your every move as far as your work goes? Let’s think about why you started this business. To be independent? To have more freedom? Well, in that case, this should be a reminder you are not an employee but an independent contractor who works on your own conditions and you can choose who you want to work with. If it’s someone who wants to have control over everything you do, it is not worth your time and energy in the long run. Find someone who trusts you and your work and doesn’t need to monitor you every step of the way, but rather give you feedback.

You Are Not Aligned and You Don’t Believe in What They Do as an Entrepreneur

If you are not interested in what your potential client does and you just want to pretend so just to get a paycheck, quit it! I know the money would be great, but you may regret taking the client like this later. If you don’t enjoy doing something, it will never be done 100% well. Your motivation won’t be high, and you will most likely not enjoy the work. Ask yourself, does it really worth it to put my energy into something I don’t really want? Once you set your mindset to – I work for anyone just to get a paycheck, you will attract more people like that which is not what you want. Think about it next time there will be someone like that.


To conclude, I’ll just say this. If it doesn’t feel right or if there are some red flags right from the beginning, think about whether it’s worth it for you to take on a client that will most likely take your time and energy and it won’t feel rewarding at the end of the day.

Do you have experience with taking a client you weren’t sure about, and then you regretted it later on? Let me know in the comments.



4 Signs That a Potential Client Isn't For You



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