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Amazon Handmade Artisan Success Story – Marilena from MGD Jewelry

I love featuring amazing entrepreneurs and small business owners that I work with, especially those who have taken my Amazon Handmade Hustlers Course. Today, I’m going to introduce you to Marilena Grittani of MGD Casual Jewelry. Marilena is a Pharmacist by training, with a lot of creativity that translates into her products. She was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, and moved to the USA in 1999.

Read on for how her small business is succeeding with Amazon Handmade!

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Amazon Handmade Artisan Success Story


Why Did You Decide To Start A Business?

My business started when I couldn’t find in this country what I liked, all available was simply not my style, so I started to make them for me (after a lot of ruined materials). I became better at it, and with the support of my family and friends my business started in 2013. Since then I have evolved in terms of my style, materials I use and my target market.

How were your Amazon Handmade sales prior to starting the Hustlers course?

My sales were less than $50 at month when I started with the Hustlers book, I was lost, super confused and mainly trying to make it as similar as Etsy (which I knew) as I could but of course, I was totally wrong and was failing miserably, while getting frustrated and upset with the platform.

What was your goal in taking the course?

I needed to know what to do and how to do it. I knew it was different but didn’t know how and being Amazon such a gigantic business they have way more rules and info than Etsy. I needed a concise, step by step process, that was explained by someone that had the same experience and that will allow me to be open and understand the platform and more importantly I needed-validation that a jewelry maker could make it in such a big marketplace.

What was the most important thing you learned or change you made after taking the course?

I learned what to do and how, I learned that other have made it, and so could I. I learned that with information, hard work and dedication you can achieve what you want on this platform. But, what meant the most for me was that, I learned that there is someone there, that was in the same position I was; that pushed trough it and it was successful at it, and the best part she was, as far as, a facebook message away to guide me, to answers questions that I had (as dumb as they were), to encourage me and to make me part of a group of people just like me. Tara and the Hustlers book/course/facebook group made me feel that I belonged to a group and that I was not “fighting” against the Giant Amazon is by myself. In a few words: I was not alone anymore!

How has your Amazon Handmade shop grown since taking the course?

Tremendously!!! I made over $15K the first year, and I bought the book by mid-year. My shop have been taking off thanks to the course/book and help writing titles, SEO and search words

What are your future goals for your business?

I want my business to be my main source of income. I want to hire other female entrepreneurs to help me get there so I fulfill both my dreams, be an independent business woman and help my fellow boss-ladies.

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How This Amazon Handmade Artisan Found Success

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