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Goal Setting for 2022 And Why You Need It

2021 was a challenging year full of unexpected twists and turns. Many of our goals might have been unfulfilled, but setting your path for success in 2022 should be on your to-do list. Write down goals that you really want to achieve but make them realistic. Choose goals that excite you but at the same time scare you a little. Goals that you are excited to strive for, no matter how hard it will get. Don’t just create a list and forget about it after January. It’s important to set up goals to keep yourself motivated and have something you want to achieve, something to look forward to. Here are some suggestions on how to approach goal setting for 2022.

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Reflect on 2021

Before you even start with goal setting for 2022, look back and reflect on 2021. It’s been a year with a lot of challenges but I’m sure you can find some positives about it too! Think about your achievements but also things that didn’t work out but taught you a lesson. What are you taking with you into 2022? Are there are any goals you didn’t reach in 2021, but you’re taking them with you into 2022, or are you setting the new ones? You probably have a different perspective on many things after so many events that happened the last year. Reflect on it and focus on how you can move forward.

Set New Goals

Write down goals and dreams that you want to make happen in 2022 and prioritize, depending on how important each goal is for you. Do you really really want it? Is it something that you would like to do, but it’s okay if it won’t happen this year? Or is it more of a long-term goal? Think about your goals being SMART. They should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. It’s important to set realistic goals, but also the goals that you can measure. Keep this in mind when planning because it will help you turn your goals into success.


Goal Setting as an Entrepreneur


Make it Last

Let’s be honest, so many people set up goals for themselves or new year’s resolutions but the initial excitement fades away after the first two or three weeks of the year. It’s like we never even set those goals. There are a few ways how you can ensure that what you’re striving for will be always there for you to remember it. What do I mean by that?

Create a vision board that will help you visualize everything that you want to achieve or do this year.

You can put together images, notes, or whatever else that will remind you of your goals and who you want to become. Vision board can be physical, so you can have it in your room and look at it every day, or digital, so you can get back to it anytime anywhere. It’s a great creative way of portraying your goals and dreams. There is no right or wrong, you just play around and have fun with it by using different objects or things that symbolize what you want.

Make a plan!

It’s important to set up goals for yourself but what’s even more important is to break them down into smaller doable steps. You should create a plan or a mind map that will show tiny steps towards your goal and how you achieve it because if you set up some big goals without knowing how to get there, it will be so much harder to achieve them. Take it slow and see what are the stepping stones that you can take to get to that big dream of yours that you want. Map it out and set some deadlines, so you are ‘on track’ to get what you want. It will be easier to digest it, it gives you extra motivation by achieving those small steps and it’s getting you closer to that big goal of yours.

Track your goals and progress by reflecting on them at the end of each month.

I believe it’s really important to set up goals regularly and reflect on them each month. Keep a journal or use your yearly planner to sum up your month and recognize your successes and struggles. Celebrate even small wins. This will help you move forward, stay motivated, and keep you on track with your main goals. Although, be flexible and don’t get too upset if something isn’t going exactly as you planned. There should always be room for adjustments, and even though sometimes we might not get exactly what we want, we always get what we need.

Find your accountability buddy.

This might not be what you’re used to, but it’s definitely what you need. Getting support from your family and friends is really important in a long run. However, being an entrepreneur and what it requires is something that not everyone around you might understand, especially at the beginning. Find yourself a peer. Someone who is or has been in your shoes, going through this journey. Network with people who are doing something similar and connect with them. Having that online (or offline) friend who knows what you’re going through and how you feel is priceless. You can keep each other accountable and have a check-in meeting or call every week or month to talk about the progress and your goals or dreams.


Starting the new year is a great time for setting up new goals. It’s time to reflect on what we’ve learned and achieved the previous year, but also to look forward and think about what goals we want to reach in 2022. One thing is to set those goals, and another is to make it last and not lose sight of them over the year.

Make a clear plan with smaller steps that will help you achieve your big goals, track your goals to see the progress, and make adjustments if needed but also find an accountability buddy who will help you stay on track and be there for you when you’re ready to give up.





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