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Grow Your Pinterest Account with Branded Pinterest Graphic Design

You’ve seen those beautiful Pinterest accounts with branded graphics and pretty fonts, right?

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Those who misunderstand the power of branded content probably think Pinterest managers go through all that design work for no reason.

Branded Pinterest graphic design goes a long way especially if you’re a blogger or business owner (or both!)

Instagram is the social media site that’s most like Pinterest since the posts usually need to be branded or at least pretty enough to double-tap.

Pinterest has this awesome way of keeping your pins relevant and seen month after month. Unlike Instagram, where you make a post and it then becomes crowded out by all the other content you post.

This is why graphic design on your Pinterest account is so important. Keeping your pins as pretty and pleasing as you can is going to grow your brand in the long run.


Bright colors are an easy way to pull people in

Everyone loves bright colors especially creative business owners. As a virtual assistant, business owner and successful CEO you should use bright colors to brand your pins. Color scheming seems simple but it’s one of the most important parts of graphic design.

Having a color scheme that doesn’t fit or seems off will turn off your Pinterest audience. You want to keep people entertained and intrigued by your profile so take this step seriously.

Anyone who is big on graphic design knows that certain colors are connected to emotions. For instance, yellow usually makes people happy while blue makes people calm. Keep this in mind while creating your branded Pinterest graphics.


Pinterest Graphic Design Tips


Make your name known

Depending on the type of business you run and how you brand your business this can refer to personal names and branded names. Using your business name or a tag line associated with your business lets the audience know it’s you.

Your audience being able to easily identify your content will help you to become more noticeable. You want the potential customers on Pinterest to automatically know your branded pins and colors.

Branded Pinterest graphics include your social media handles so when your ideal client sees your pins they automatically know it’s you and are ready to visit your website, read your blog or do business with you.

As an added tip be sure to use keywords related to your industry in your Pinterest business profile. When someone is searching for a “virtual assistant” your name should pop up.


That call to action matters

What’s the point of having a wonderful branded layout, your business name and social handle on the graphic without a compelling call to action?

What is the main goal of the pin? Do you want more website traffic, attention on your latest blog post, or maybe you want more views on your new products?

Whatever your reasoning is for creating Pinterest graphics make it known in your call to action. You can always take a copywriting class or learn by practicing but finding a virtual assistant or other an expert to write your call to actions will pay off big time.

Your call to action shouldn’t be too salesy. Instead, your call to action should highlight the benefits of clicking on your Pin and visiting your website. Think about what the audience will get out of interacting with your pins.


Centering, fonts, image sizes, and other graphic design details

Creating the perfect Pinterest graphic isn’t as simple as you think. Making sure your pin is centered, in the right format and using interesting fonts sets your business apart from those businesses that don’t take Pinterest seriously (don’t be like them)

A tool like Canva, which is free by the way, can be used to create these graphics. You can easily center your content, find new fonts and create a beautiful, eye-catching pin.

Remember that your content should be easy to read so using colors that contrast and large fonts will ensure your audience can read the tips you’re trying to give them.


Now that you’ve got the basics down are you going to take Pinterest graphics more seriously? After all, branded graphics are the key to growing your biz on Pinterest.


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