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How Tailwind Can Grow Your Pinterest Account AND Save You Hours Each Week!

Marketing can be a daunting exercise for handmade business owners, especially when focusing on a Pinterest marketing strategy. Won’t you be excited as a small business owner that you can grow your Pinterest traffic without much hustle? It is now possible to achieve your Pinterest marketing objectives with much ease by using Tailwind App.

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Tailwind is a revolutionary application in the process of actualizing the needs of small businesses in implementing Pinterest marketing strategy. As a handmade business owner, reaching the right traffic is not a walk in the park exercise, thus, you will need an external tool to help you. This application is tailored made for your convenience.

How to Use Tailwind

What is Tailwind?

As already pointed out, it’s a revolutionary application designed to meet your Pinterest marketing needs. This application is a scheduling app for pinning your marketing pin on your business’s Pinterest account. The app is designed with other useful features which will make achieving your Pinterest marketing objectives possible.

As a first time user of Tailwind App, you will be required to sign up using your Pinterest account. You will not have to pay any money at the start since you will be within a trial period before making your final decision to adopt the service fully. With the available features, Tailwind app trail will definitely make you consider being a regular user of higher more effective packages at an affordable price.

Here are the Ways in Which Tailwind Can help Grow Your Pinterest Account Traffic

Growing your Pinterest traffic is dear to you as a handmade business owner. Therefore, being knowledgeable on how Tailwind app can help you achieve Pinterest marketing objective is critical. Now that you are ready to know how this magical app will help you grow your Pinterest traffic, let’s jump right to it!

Tailwind Scheduling

It’s extremely cumbersome to have to manually repin your pins on your Pinterest account on a regular basis. In many occasion, you will not able to be punctual on making those pins due to time constraint. Thus, having an application with which you can schedule all pins for a given period is a great idea. Scheduling all your pins, and having to pin them automatically is what Tailwind App does best. Additionally, all your content tracking needs will be handled by Tailwind automatically without your influence, isn’t that awesome?



Tailwind Communities

This a community of a like-minded group of people automatically generated by the Tailwind App system. Being in such a community, the sharing of helpful insights is very easy. There is nothing satisfactory than belonging in a community where you don’t feel the odd one out. With Tailwind Communities you will be able to learn how to develop eye-catching content for your Pinterest audience for free. Besides getting helpful insights, you have the chance to share relevant content from the people you trust in your Tailwind Communities community. Moreover, with Tailwind Communities your content can reach new viewers when your community mates share your content with their fans.

Tailwind Smart Loops

Manage your Pinterest Marketing content in a smart way with Tailwind Smart Loops. Smart loops will help you to reshare the most engaging Pinterest Pins at the best time to engage your audience maximally. This feature will also help you be active with less effort since all your best pins will be re-circulated as long as you want with SmartLoop. Lastly, this feature will help you have your Pins circulated at the right season within the year. This feature is simple to set up within seconds and you will be good to go.

Analytics & Reporting

You will definitely like to know the progress of your success after using Tailwind App for a while. Tailwind App has the ability to help you record all the social metrics which will guide you on how to prepare your content in the future. With Analytics & Reporting, you will measure your ROI in a matter of seconds.


In summary, the Tailwind App is great for your Pinterest marketing objectives. It’s a good tool for growing your Pinterest traffic as a handmade business owner with limited social media marketing strategies. Moreover, if you have limited time to do the process manually, it will save you a great deal. Try Tailwind for your Pinterest marketing strategy, and see success come your way.



Pinterest Marketing Tips Using Tailwind


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