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How to Book Clients as an Introvert

So, you’re super introverted and dig the whole ‘stay in my own space’ thing. That’s why you picked the online business owner life. Becoming an extroverted chatty person just isn’t up your alley and that’s totally fine. You can be a successful introverted entrepreneur and book clients as an introvert in this day in age. Booking clients used to be about networking in person and actually getting outside of your shell to find people who need your services.

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Well, all that has changed with social media. I’m going to show you exactly how to book clients as an introvert so that your business can thrive while you enjoy being the talented introvert that you are.

Use Facebook groups to your advantage

Facebook is a gold mine for introverted business owners who love to avoid face to face conversations. There are countless savvy CEO’s out there that actually book and find clients in Facebook groups.

Try searching for local business groups and nationwide business groups using terms like, “online business, networking for business owners,” and other terms related to your industry.

You’ll be surprised by just how many groups you find. Keep in mind that you should be providing value to others first before sending a sales pitch. If you keep showing up consistently then potential clients will start to notice.

Create an email list

Now, I want you to think about your favorite brand. Your personal email inbox is probably filled with their marketing emails which are designed to make you purchase from them.

You can book clients as an introvert by should do the same. Create an email list using a service like Mail Chimp or Convert Kit and you’ll be able to book clients as an introvert.

You can send bi-weekly, weekly or monthly emails to your subscribers. Think of this as your exclusive way to get in front of your target audience without ever leaving the house (or getting that nervous feeling)

Choose a valuable “freebie” for your subscribers that will be irresistible and start building from there.


Communicate key points before meeting/chatting

Usually, you start out the converting process by way of email or even a social media chat. Clear up as much up as you possibly can before even scheduling a call or meet-up.

Important things like the services you offer, who you serve and other questions they may have can and should be cleared up via email for two reasons. The first being that it’s more comfortable for you as the introvert business owner you are.

The second reason is that sometimes what is being said on a call can be forgotten. Miscommunication happens so easily. You protect both you and the client when you have a paper trail that clearly defines what’s been talked about thus far.

Make a client converting plan or script

There may come a time when using social media, your email list, and other digital efforts aren’t going to cut it. Don’t fret!

Release some of the stress off of yourself by having a script for calls and in-person meetings. Of course, we try to avoid these in-person meetings all together but take a deep breath and go over an outline for a sales call or meeting.

Avoid memorizing it word for word because you won’t want to sound too robotic, but you can remember the key points, so you aren’t frantically trying to remember what you had planned to say on the call.

This is your last resort and that’s fine. When it comes down to it it’s better to be a little prepared and out of your comfort zone than losing out on another client all due to your introvert-ness.


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