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How to Create The Perfect Lead Magnet

Do you know how entrepreneurs and small businesses are increasing their brand presence and building a loyal following?

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It’s because they have a freebie/lead magnet — they’re basically the same thing. Depending on your industry you might even call it a case study.

Lead magnets are used to expand your business and build your inbound marketing strategy. The difference between getting thousands of email subscribers and a few hundred email subscribers is dependent on how awesome (or not awesome) your lead magnet is.

The perfect lead magnet is informational, modern, and visually appealing. Think about those free downloads you always see. Which ones do you click on and which ones are you more inclined to download?

Probably the ones with a killer headline/title and interesting visuals. Overly stating how awesome your lead magnet is without providing enough value can hurt your business image and might even lure your customer away from you.

You’re about to learn how to create the perfect lead magnet for your business and no matter what industry these tips will help to position you as an authority while promoting know, like, and trust.


Creating the Perfect Lead Magnet for Your Email List


What Kind of Lead Magnet Should I Use?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of creating the perfect lead magnet you need to know what options are out here in terms of the types of lead magnets you can use.

The following are a few ideas you can personalize based on your ideal customer:

  • Social media planner
  • Collection of customer reviews and why you’re better than the competition
  • A collection of previous blog posts with updated information
  • Case study (analysis of your industry)
  • A comprehensive guide to all things related to your industry
  • Workbooks
  • Resource guide with credible information
  • Audio book
  • Infographics

The goal is to create a lead magnet that shows your value and also provides support for your audience. This way they’re more likely to subscribe and eventually become a customer.

Think long term business goals when you create a lead magnet and you’ll be good to go.

So, How Do I Make This Lead Magnet?

Unless you’re an expert writer or great with graphic design, you may want to outsource certain tasks when creating a lead magnet.

The design and overall look of your downloadable lead magnet is of extreme importance. This is your chance to show potential customers how professional and put-together your business is.

If you like to go the DIY route try using software like Canva to create high-quality graphics and content.

Think outside the box, and give your lead magnet an interesting name like, “101 Ways To….”

Be sure to create a rough draft and outline of the lead magnet before creating it. Place your logos, social media handles, brand colors, and any other pertinent information that connects readers to your business.

Having an ‘About Me’ or ‘About Us’ section helps you to connect on a personal level with those who are reading your new lead magnet. The ideal lead magnet should be super valuable and packed with tons of relevant information for your reader to refer back to.

You can place graphs, statistics, and testimonials in your lead magnet depending on which freebie you choose from the list above.

As you begin to consider creating this lead magnet make sure that your content is worthy of subscribing to.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would I subscribe to this?
  • Does my lead magnet leave any unanswered information?
  • Is this content valuable to my ideal audience?
  • Will this content be relevant in 3, 6, or 12 months?

Now you’re ready to get out there and create the perfect lead magnet for your business.


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