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How to Come up with More Content Ideas for Social Media

So you have made a move and begun your own business. You have a fantastic product; you are building some keen followers and have been steadily growing for months now.

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So now, you are fine-tuning your marketing strategy and trying to decide how best to continue this forward momentum. Starting with the “free” things when you are making adjustments only makes sense. One of those “freebies” would be your Social Media Campaign.

Looking at your social media content, what sort of voice do you want to have out there? Is it exclusively sales based? Is it more of a blend of informative, industry, and sales?

Utilizing Industry Powerhouses

By looking around your industry, there are some great influencers and authorities that share fantastic content that might reinforce your message for your own business.

Have you looked at those you follow? By utilizing the power of the re-tweet, you can not only share more knowledge on your own business but help showcase your industry to the greater populous. The biggest thing to remember, when sharing other’s content, you may want to take a look at their wall and their previous posts to make sure that they are a resource that generally speaks similarly to your brand.

How to come up with more social media content ideas

The Power of a Good Researcher

Another idea, not as free, however, is to source 3rd party content researchers who can help to look around the web and find content that fits your message and you can then share on your social media scheduler. Sites like Emphatic are handy to give you 3rd party content to share that is pre-vetted before being sent out to your followers. You could also visit your local Facebook Small business support groups and find a virtual assistant/researcher to do this task exclusively for you.

The process that these researchers tend to work under are:

  • Finding the content that matches your message

  • References the social media handle of the author

  • An image that highlights and entices clicks

Once you approve it, you can load it to your social media scheduler and have it disburse at a schedule you have predetermined.

Content Writer and Assistant – Part-time help for Full-time Growth

Another way to proceed would be to hire a writer to help you with creating original content, like myself! Sometimes having a fresh set of eyes creating your content can open up a gold mine of new opportunities.

By having this new person review previously utilized content and looking at the forward-looking branding goals, this person could present more resources or knowledge that would be something your followers would like to learn more about and therefore take more away from their experience with you and your brand.

In Conclusion

These are just a few suggestions to try to grow your following and to give it a refresh if that is your goal as well. By keeping it simple as well, when starting this process, will help to make it less daunting to you when it comes to the idea of content creation.

The web can be a giant rabbit hole if you don’t give yourself some grace when it comes to trying to implement a new marketing strategy.


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