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How to Create a Mindset Strategy That You Can Stick With

Mindset. The kryptonite to any Entrepreneur, trying to balance personal goals and business. Mindset can make or break a person when it comes to achieving goals, both personal and professional, as it helps in how you approach tasks as well as maintain focus for the future. It is impactful how your mindset affects your approach to goals, situations, and momentum through each phase of personal growth and in business.

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With saying that, why not dive into ways to keep you killing it as you a #BossBabe. What do you need to do to create a Mindset Strategy that you can stick with?

Take time to Reflect

To help create a mindset strategy that you can stick with, it is important to take time to reflect on what you want and how you want the process to go. It is great to be driven, but you need to sit with your thoughts and goals too to make sure they are aligned with what you were hoping to see in the future.

There are some great ways to do this, you could journal it out – you could meditate on your needs – you could also just sit outside and think about things. These are just a few ideas to help you consider what you might need.

Find and Read books to better yourself (or audiobooks/podcasts)

Now, this is a huge section of any book store (or online store!) that is dedicated to professional and self-development. Books like “Daring Greatly” and others (there are some great book clubs you could join online too!) all with the focus to work on you, motivate and give you a different perspective when it comes to looking at where you want to be – in business and in personal situations.

How to Create a Mindset Strategy That You Can Stick With

Meditations – Guided or Self

We touched on it before, but meditation – or sitting in quiet – has a large impact on your mindset reflects in your day-to-day. You don’t have to start with half-hour-long sessions – starting with 2 minutes a day. Then each week, sit a minute longer. Or, meditation could be just sitting outside, listening to softer music to bring peace to your mind for a few minutes at a time. Start small – just like any new routine. Then it will grow into something that becomes a habit – much like reading, breathing, and more.

There are some great self-guided meditations on Youtube and in apps to help you just sit and bring a moment of peace to your mind.

Self Care – YOU take care of YOU

Have a few self-care tricks up your sleeve every week to implement, after all you “can’t fill up from an empty cup. You need to spend some time on you. This is so important when you have families, loved ones, and a business to run. 

You taking care of you and your mindset is more than just a spa day, or golfing with friends. Self-care should be just as important as showering, brushing your teeth, etc. 

Add a new routine every so often

Use a list of things to do daily to keep growing. It could be that one week you want to focus on being non-judgmental throughout your day, taking a quick walk every day, and reading 5 pages in your self-development book. Something for you and your mindset. That isn’t for your kids, spouse, or anyone else. There is always something for them, but you need something for you too!

Creating this system will ensure your mindset will become better and make you a more successful entrepreneur. The key is – make it happen. Much like the daily to do’s of email searches.


How to Create a Mindset Strategy That You Can Stick With



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