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How to Figure Out Which Digital Product You Should Create

The power of digital downloads, freebies, and ebooks are a growing commodity as a digital entrepreneur – even as a service provider.

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It allows you the opportunity to take a problem you are seeing that you are an authority on and allowing it to become a potential source of income – starting as a digital download and possibly becoming something you could create a support group, ie. Introvertpreneur Club or a digital signature course to sell to a larger needed audience.

But how, in this growing market, do you decide what to take the time to create. When it comes to quality downloadables, it takes time to make the template, figure out the copy and then get it linked to a blog or website so that your audience can find and download it.

The advantages are significant – as I mentioned before, it allows you to create your authority. Also, it gives you the means to grow your audience as well through email marketing and blogging, not to mention doubles as possible social media content.

Before we continue looking at the advantages, let’s get to work on HOW to figure out which digital product you should create.

Look at the Big Picture When Brainstorming Your Digital Product

Look at the big picture – what are you providing as a service or means of income. When it comes to what to create, making sure that it isn’t too far off of your business’s format is essential to ensure you are not just creating a “make-work project” when you are already busy with client-facing work.

This isn’t a great use of your precious time if that is the case – being sure that you are providing an addition to your services is where this process shines.

Looking around the marketplace to see what ideas you are coming up with aren’t overwrought in the digital space.

Look at the Problems You Are Solving

Look at the problems you are “solving” in your business for your clients and audience. What questions are you always being asked about? Is there a way to streamline answers into a downloadable pdf so that your audience can use it as a jumping-off point – from there, they can seek more details from you as a client themselves?

By looking at what you are noticing in your social feeds as questions, emails, or even what your followers are DMing you in your Instagram Messenger.

These are ways not to create too many products off the start that your ideal audience and client wouldn’t use – therefore taking time away from creating products that will further serve you and your followers as you grow.

Creating the Perfect Digital Product

Once you have these ideas in place, look at them and see how much value and time it takes to share those ideas. You don’t want to be giving away all your secrets for free; you want to use them as a trigger for paid options. 

The best example of this would be how I created my Introvertpreneur Club. I started by offering my Free Guide for Introverted Business owners. This guide is an overview guide to help those who are introverted realize it’s a superpower, not a downfall, and how (briefly) you can become the business owner you want to be, all while being true to yourself.

From there, it leads to the conversation of joining my “Club” to continue to grow as an introverted entrepreneur.

This looks if you have a series of tools you use as a service provider and want to share it with those who keep asking you how you run your business – this is a great jumping-off point. I would take your top 5-6 tools and put them together as a pdf that outlines what they do, how they work (brief paragraph!), and make sure you tag an affiliate code in that as well.

From there, if your client wants to learn more – you can look at offering it as a service, course, etc., for a growing price point to create additional income over and above the affiliate codes.

Once you have created this simple document, then make the necessary social media posts and pins to draw your traffic to your website (and therefore, freebie) to get them to see what you offer in addition to your freebies that are potential value add conversations for future work.

Now taking these few steps and drilling down your content so that you can create these “freebies” will, as I said before, give you a new way to draw your audience and potential client to your site. Still, it will also open up another potential revenue stream that can open so many future doors.

Start Creating!

I can’t wait to see what new digital-free products you provide to your audience – if you want to share – please find me on Instagram, and let’s share those wins!

If there are other steps you use to figure out what digital product to create and want to share, please leave them in the comments below! It might be something that I could implement myself!



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