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How to Save Time and Repurpose Your Blog Posts

Do you have a lot of old content but you can’t come up with any new ideas for posts? REPURPOSE! I’m sure there is so much valuable information in your previous blog posts/social media posts/or podcast episodes, so why not use it again? Especially the blog posts, these are usually longer chunks of text and they can definitely be repurposed into social media posts or even new blog posts. Therefore, next time when you feel stuck on what to post next or not having enough time to produce new quality content, think about the material that you already have and that you could recycle into a new, fresh post

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Sharing valuable content is always relevant, but people need to see it at least a few times before it actually sticks. This being said, repurposing content is helping expose your content to more people but also to remind the specific topic that you’ve already spoken about before. Here are 5 tips on how to repurpose your content that will save you time and creative brainpower.

Blog Posts to Instagram/Facebook Content

Social media is a great place for using your repurposed content in many ways. Let’s say you have a blog post that has 5 sub-headers/ 5 tips, or 5 key points. Each one of them can be repurposed to a new social media post, so having 5 points means you have 5 social media posts/prompts that can be ready right there and then, just needs a few small tweaks. Isn’t that amazing?! The best part of this is that it doesn’t need to be just about adding posts, you can use it as an inspiration for your:

  • IG stories – use some key points from your blog post and talk about them on your stories. If you use repurposed content for your post, you can elaborate on the topic in your stories.
  • IGTV/LIVE/REELS – If you struggle to be creative and don’t know what to talk about on one of these channels, go through the content that is already on your blog and find relevant topics that can be repurposed into the video.

Moreover, repurposing your blog posts to social media posts is great for driving traffic to your blog. Include the link to your blog in your profile and add ‘go to read more’ in your post as your call to action. You will direct your audience straight to where you want them to be.

Old Blog Posts to New Blogs

Yes, you can do that too! I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of blog posts like this one, which has several key points within the text. You can choose one of the points and create a whole new post about it. Another possibility is to batch content from two similar posts and create one that will be even more insightful than the ones before. 

If you do have some more time though, it’s always great to refresh existing content from your blog posts. Research some new facts or key points and add them to already existing ones from the old blog post to create a new piece of content. It saves so much time, but it will still be valuable.

How to Save Time and Repurpose Your Blog Posts

Blog Posts to Infographics

Creating eye-catching infographics is trending right now! One of the main things that you want to focus on is making sure that you are creating content that is savable and sharable. And what better way to fulfill that if not by graphics that will draw your attention?! You can be creative here, use a quote from your blog post or a few key points that you can repurpose into infographics or social media graphics. Infographics can be also used for ads or even Pinterest. 

Creating graphics from already existing blog posts can be a great driver of traffic for your blog. Pinterest is a great example where you can create several graphics from one blog post but link it to the same blog post.

Blog Posts to Emails

Writing emails can be challenging sometimes, you don’t always want to notify your email list that there is a new blog post that just came out. It would get too boring. What you can do is to give them access to exclusive content that other people might not be able to read anywhere else but in your newsletter. If you have been writing your blog for a while, repurpose your old content into emails. Use keywords or the actual topics, just update it with some new information, so it’s fresher. 

You can also take some key points from the blogs and elaborate on the specific topics. Your opinion might have changed over time, so you can compare how was your take before and now. Be creative and bring some extra value to your email list. They will feel more special if they can read content that is even slightly different from what’s already on your blog.



Creative Outlet of Your Choice

There are many other ways how to repurpose content that will save you time, but a few more examples could be repurposing blog posts into e-books, webinars, freebies, or even podcasts. Whatever form of repurposing works for you, use it to your advantage.


No more uncertainty about what to post next when you don’t feel like brainstorming new ideas or don’t have time for it. Don’t let your knowledge and expertise that you’ve previously shared go to waste. It might seem that you are sharing the same thing over again, but trust me, people need to see one piece of content at least a few times before it sticks.

By repurposing content you will be more efficient and you won’t have to stress about not feeling creative. Just pull out one of the older pieces of content from your blog and play with the ideas that can help you re-use it again on a different platform. You can repurpose blog content for your social media posts or videos, you can create eye-catching infographics, or you can even use it for the new blog post that will go more in-depth and will have updated information. Whichever platform you’ll choose, repurposing content is a lifesaver! Take an advantage of using the same/similar content more than once. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and overthinking. 

Do you repurpose your content? Let me know in the comments below.


How to Save Time and Repurpose Your Blog Posts


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