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Why Batching is the Best Way to Save Time and Be More Productive

We, as entrepreneurs, do a lot in a day! We are juggling customers/clients, families, marketing, accounting, receivables, payables… the list goes on. Don’t even get me started on emails.

When it comes to doing all of these things as an entrepreneur, it is more important than ever to have a fantastic project management software (like ClickUp), so you can delegate appropriately to your team and know where your business is sitting.

Also, another trick of the trade is to implement batching. Much like setting boundaries with clients and loved ones, it is a way to set limits to your precious time each day.

It can be very easy to lose yourself in tasks, much like a Facebook wormhole. Still, if you set a specific time for all of your tasks, then you will not only leave your day feeling accomplished, but you will also maintain your organized chaos for the following day/week.

First things first, brain dumping… yes, brain dumping.

To be effective with batching, you need to start with brain dumping. By picking either Sunday or Monday as your “brain dumping” day, you will then be able to get all of the items out of your mind and on paper (or in a task list) to prioritize it appropriately.

From there, you can match up your tasks that are similar to ensure a flow that will allow you to complete each piece when needed.

By doing this, you will reduce your time wasted trying to remember what needed to be completed, reduces your daily clutter a little, for you can add to the list as the week moves on (in the correct time block is). It will help increase your focus when approaching each activity.

Just like boundaries, batch your calendar and ensure others know about it.

If you are managing a team alongside your business, you need to take the time to put each batch in your calendar. It creates the ability to know how to organize/schedule meetings as they pop up as well; it allows your team to know when to approach you with items that are tied to what you are doing. This will ensure that you can focus on your part of the project, but it will ensure your teammates have the pieces you need to you on time.

Did you know that Henry Ford’s creation of manufacturing assembly lines is a concept based on batching? Assigning employees to focus on one specific task improved productivity, increased products, and decreased overall expenses and waste.


Why Batching is the Best Way to Save Time and Be More Productive


One thing to remember when you are batching your time – even more important than the To-Do list itself…

Remember to take breaks! It is excellent that you have taken your list, blocked the time, and ensured you shared your needs with the team – but you need to block time for self-care, breaks, lunches, and time for family.

We as entrepreneurs, as we said before, often are pulled in so many directions that we barely take time to drink our coffee or take a short walk to reset our brains for the next part of our day.

Lunch breaks, blocking for an exercise class, for a walk on the boardwalk, even making sure that quitting time is set for a reasonable time to be able to be at the dinner table with your friends and loved ones. These are all things you need to consider when breaking down your batching.

Time is precious, but you need to be smart about how to handle it.

The biggest thing to remember about batching, you only have so many hours in a day. You can batch most of your time for specific activities – however, you need to remember to be a little flexible as life does get in the way at times. You need to understand your batching to be flexible on how to adjust it when needed.

As entrepreneurs, we need to be efficient, on top of things, and ready for anything at all times. By taking the time to batch your time, you can create those pockets of time to do the business parts you are passionate about. That is why you started your business. The fun parts need to be part of your structure as well.

How have you batched your day to be the most productive? What tools help you? How do you look at your batching to make sure you give yourself enough time for each aspect of your day? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!


Why Batching is the Best Way to Save Time and Be More Productive



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