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How to Use Tailwind Communities for Pinterest Growth

When it comes to Pinterest marketing for business, you probably are wondering what is the best strategy to grow your traffic fast and consistently? In order to get the most out of it, there is a way! And this is Tailwind – the official marketing tool approved by Pinterest to manage and grow your Pinterest business account easily with the goal to reach maximum exposure of your content!

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How to Use Tailwind Tribes for Pinterest Growth

Why is Tailwind so Important for Your Blog or E-commerce Online Business?

You need to use Tailwind if you need fast Pinterest growth.

The secret is called Tailwind Communities and they can be a gold mine for everyone who is serious about its online business. By using this feature you will reach a new targeted audience for your content – it will be seen by the right people! And even more – you always will have high-quality pins of other users to share on your Pinterest account! Remember that Pinterest is a collaborative marketing tool – the more you share from the other people, the more likely they to return this favor! Supporting each other in this social network is basically how it functions and why is so successful.

Keeping in mind all this, you might be asking – what are Tailwind Communities and why they are so important? They are simply a group of people with a common niche, which is sharing each other’s content easily. Imagine you are a food blogger and you just start to use Tailwind Communities. You should look for Communities in this business niche – recipes, healthy food, food inspiration and so on – join them and start posting your pins and re-pin other members’ pins from the same Community. Sounds easy, right? Not so fast! There are some rules and recommendations, which you need to know! Keep reading to understand more.

Essential Tips on How to Use Tailwind Communities

1) Find the Right Tailwind Communities to Join

How do you find the right Tailwind Communities to join? There is a button “Find a Community” on the Tailwind Communities menu.

By writing there some keywords in your niche you will find the best matching Communities for you. If you are a blogger supporting other bloggers by giving tips, you may use “blogging tips” to find a good Community for your pins. Communities can be public (join every time) or private (ask to join). It is free to join up to 5 Communities, even if you are in the free Tailwind plan. But to grow your traffic fast and consistent, you will need a lot more than just 5!

Just see Tailwind plans to pay for more than 5 Communities on Tailwind and this can be your game-changer in your Pinterest strategy! Also, it will be an advantage to know which Community is worth your time and which – not. The recommendations here are to choose niche related active Communities and avoid not targeted Communities. For example, if you are in a travel niche, much better will be for you to join only travel Communities, than Communities including wider niches. Makes sense, right?

2) Be a Good Community Member & Follow the Rules of the Community

Each Community operates under its own set of rules that each member of the Community needs to follow. This means, the person which created the Community has defined certain rules like – for each pin you add to the Community, how many pins you must to re-share in return; what kind of pins you should add; what niches are allowed and many others. You always need to read these rules and be sure you are following them. If not – the Community owner can kick you out the Community! Yes, be careful – the rules are important, see below one example:


3) Use Communities Data and Analytics

The best part, which makes Tailwind Communities so successful, is that Tailwind includes great analytics data in each Community you are using:

You can keep watching how many re-shares, re-pins your pins are having or what is the potential reach for your pins.

You can even see some information even before joining any Community – things like Community’s members, level of activity. Always make sure you are choosing active Community. Who needs Communities where nobody is pinning or sharing? Also, keep in mind that it is visible to the Community owners which of the Community members are sharing content according to the rules and which not. This is something which is very important, because if nobody is following the rules and this is not visible – the Communities wouldn’t be such a massive traffic generator!

4) How to Actually Use Tailwind Communities

It is easy – by adding daily your content into a different Community and not spam. Here is one example of a good strategy for growth – choose a few pins to post today in different Communities. On the other day, just mix the same pins, but in different Communities – be sure you are not posting 2 times the same pin in the same Community from yesterday. Adding duplicate pins can be taken as spam and other members may avoid re-pinning from you.

Don’t forget to re-share also daily other members’ pins to your scheduler. This will grow your account fast because you can choose fresh content for your account while other people will post your pins as their fresh content. It is a win-win game!

5) How to Measure If Your Strategy is Effective

By following your results – as I mentioned Tailwind is providing huge analytics. You can easily see your Communities performance in summary – you can see your re-shares, re-pins and reach in each different Community which you have joined. You also will be able to see your reach since you have joined Tailwind Communities in total (Insights menu):

By following this data you will know exactly where are you and how you are growing! The important data is how many re-shares and re-pins you have from each Community. If you are lucky enough, your content may be re-pinned from someone with bigger than your account and this is great potential for you as a content creator! If you are not seeing growth in any of your added Communities – just leave it and replace it by another one to test again. There are so many Communities and you should keep trying to experiment until you find which one will work for you!

The key is not to stop testing and just be active!

Final Thoughts about Successful Pinterest strategy

There is no other Pinterest strategy that works so well to drive massive traffic to your site like using the Tailwind Communities feature! This is a huge opportunity to use it every single day in your Pinterest marketing system! Just go through your Communities and see what people are sharing from you. Basically what you need to do is to try creating content like this and be sure you are always giving the people on Pinterest what they really want to see!

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